Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's Sunday afternoon, I've finished my book and I'm doing a little bit of internet window-shopping. I've been feeling very grumpy and irritable this week so I'm hoping this will make me feel a bit better. This is a wee bit of a wishlist - things I hope to buy in the next few months, or on eBay, or if they come into the sale in January.

Irregular Choice Matronix shoes

It's not the best photo, but I love the sparkly heel on them. I'm having a bit of a purple moment, after years of thinking that it doesn't suit me and these look like lots of fun.

Ruby Belle tartan dress

It's totally impractical. And probably the boning will poke out and stick into me like it does in my other Ruby Belle strapless dress, but I think it's lovely all the same.

Fever Dazzle dress
C and N's wedding is coming up soon, and I'm hoping to buy this lovely frock to wear to it. Unfortunately it's only pictured in black, and I hope to buy it in navy blue. I've been given permission to buy it, I'm just hoping Fever get it in store in time!

In fact, there are always lots of things in the Fever catalogue I like, I'm hoping they will have some nice samples to tempt me when I visit the store again at the start of December. I'm sure they will, in fact!

Well, that's made me feel more cheerful. Also, Nic is making me a cup of coffee, and I have a wispa gold to eat so I'm off to do that. YUM!