Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our ambition should be to kill our clients. I mean actually kill them. With our levels of service.

I'm just going to write a short wee post now. Nic and I are watching Manhattan Melodrama but we have interrupted it so he can phone his grandma. After that I'm going to make rhubarb crumble and have a bath!

It's been a very lovely weekend. I worked from home on Friday so was able to spend the day with Nic. He was working very hard on his writing so we had a good studious atmosphere going on. We also watched some more William Hartnell Who - Doctor Who and The Daleks, which I really enjoyed. There is a bit in Remembrance of The Daleks where a Dalek gets so confused that it blows up, and there is a very similar moment in this first Dalek adventure, where the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara attack a Dalek and he piteously cries for help - it's very cute and sad and it makes it easy to forget that the Daleks are very bad. It is another excellent adventure in terms of Barbara - my girl crush on her has grown exponentially. Nic has just bought The Dalek Invasion of Earth so I will enjoy watching that this week. I know, I am a massive nerd!

I spent Friday afternoon with M and Sugar Plum, who then came back to my house. We were joined by N, Mr and Mrs Z, A and the lovely Tom. We ordered pizza from Tuscano's and there was quite a party atmosphere. I was utterly touched by a gift brought by Mr and Mrs Z of a Hornsea coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl:

They are in the Heirloom pattern, which is my favourite. I already have the Heirloom coffee pot in green, and I was so delighted that Mrs Z remembered how much I love Hornsea pottery. By a stroke of luck, when Nic and I went to the tip shop with Sugar Plum and N today, I picked up a matching jar (for 50p, I love the tip shop) so I've quite a little collection there now!

The rest of the weekend has been nice and quiet. Nic and I had a potter around Warwick yesterday and then came home and had an amazingly tasty dinner (fried halloumi and mushroom in pitta bread with peri-peri sauce, with rosemary and black pepper potato wedges. I was so full I could have died, but it would have been an exceedingly happy death) and today we've been to the tip shop with friends. It's all good, and I'm feeling nicely refreshed for the coming week at work.

List of love
Ohh, the tip shop in Sydenham. As well as my little Hornsea jar (which was a little bit chipped, but still) I picked up Mrs de Winter by Susan Hill, which I've been meaning to read and also a book by Margaret Forster for 50p each.

The beautiful pink roses Mrs Z brought, and also the very tasty puff pastry mince pies she brought. We'll be having some of those later this week!

Myrna Loy. I love her.

Getting the christmas present sorted out for the sibling I'm being secret santa to. And also getting the christmas present for my parents sorted out, although I can't take credit for that.

M&S apple and cinnamon hot cross buns.

The nice man in the craft shop around the corner. He looks like Gerard Depardieu.

The nice man from the Cotswold Pudding and Pie company, and his extremely tasty pies!

List of loathe
My throat, it keeps getting sore and then being fine again within a day. I wish it would just be sore and be over with.

The heater in our living room isn't working properly and it is COLD. My nose is very cold as I am typing this.