Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did I really do remarkably badly, Holmes?

Sunday, here you are again. I almost can't believe it really is Sunday, it has been the slowest week. Has anyone else felt that way? I think I'm still on a bit of a go-slow, I've been staring at this for ages now, trying to think of how to get started. LAME.

On Friday I had a meeting in our new office, which was more exciting than it sounds. Since I started my job over a year ago, we've been waiting to move into our new offices but there have been many delays. In fact, in May we were moved out of one interim office and into another one. That move completely sucked because the first interim office was really nice and easy to get to, and the second interim office was disgusting and far away. The proper office was finally finished and opened a few weeks ago, but we're on a move timetable and I don't officially move into it until Tuesday, so when I went to the meeting on Friday it was my first time inside the new building. It's really nice. Unlike the crappy interim office, there is loads of natural light thanks to the large windows and the skylight that runs the width of the building. There is a beautiful cafe area, lots of plants and comfy chairs. I'm not going to get too excited about somewhere I'm going to be working, but it is lovely all the same, so I'm looking forward to moving into it on Tuesday.

Another major benefit of the new office is that, unlike the interim one, it is not in the middle of nowhere. In fact, it's a short walk from Earlsdon high street, and a slightly longer walk away from some good friends. With that in mind, after work I took a walk into Earlsdon and met Mrs Z. My original plan had been to walk to her house but the weather was atrocious so she kindly collected me in Earlsdon. We had a lovely afternoon together, knitting and chatting. Sugar Plum joined us when she finished work, and Mrs Z served us up her amazing bran loaf with some tea. It might be the last time I get to just chill with Mrs Z before her baby is born so it was a very pleasant afternoon indeed.

Sugar Plum gave me a lift home and I had just enough time to get changed and eat my tea before it was time to go out again. Tom came round and we headed up to The Somerville Arms for a quiet Friday evening in the pub. It was lovely! We were joined by Caroline and Lauren who brought along the very lovely Kate. Sugar Plum and her husband came along, and so did her brother and sister-in-law, and slightly later on we were joined by Denise and Michael. I'll have to admit, there were so many of us that we took up half of the back lounge, but it was excellent. Having only met Caroline and Lauren properly last week, it was good to see them again and it was excellent to meet Kate as well. I feel we bonded over pretty nerdy things, which was great. It was a really relaxed evening and I had such a good time, I hope we can do it again soon.

I wasn't feeling hungover on Saturday (I had been pretty good on Friday night) so Nic and I were able to tackle a few chores like doing proper grocery shopping (checking to see what we have, making a list, going to the greengrocers - rather than just getting what we need for that evening and buying it all in the supermarket) We watched The Lady Vanishes by way of research for a piece of writing Nic wants to do, and we made sausages and mash for dinner. As the sun came out today we thought we'd be a bit more active and get out for a bit of a walk in the park. Also, Nic wanted a chance to wear the lovely tweedy jacket he bought in the Myton Hospice shop on Saturday afternoon:

Doesn't he look handsome?! Nic is very talented at charity shopping - yesterday he found a beautiful Autograph Marks and Spencers shirt in Oxfam for £5. It was a doubly exciting find because it was the shirt I had wanted to buy him for christmas but couldn't afford - obviously this made it a more exciting find! The sunshine tempted me to wear something summery, so I got out my Fever Poppy dress and paired it up with my new shoes:

I'm not sure how well I like this dress with these shoes but I am pleased with the dress. I bought it a few months back when it was on sale and have only worn it once before because I didn't know if I liked it on me or not. I've decided I do, however, so it's going to see the light of day a bit more now!

I have a fairly busy week ahead. I have a few days in London and we're moving into the new office on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to next weekend, however, as Nic and I are going to Kent to visit his parents. They live in a lovely little seaside village near Folkestone, and I love the seaside in winter. I'm also hoping we'll get the chance to visit The Malthouse in Hythe, which is an antiques fair. Last summer I found my Hornsea heirloom coffee pot there, so maybe I'll be able to find a matching teapot there this time. In any case, it will be lovely to spend time with Nic's family, and walking on the seafront always makes me happy.

I'm away to get the dinner on - we're having stew tonight!