Wednesday, January 27, 2010

God, Ted. D'you remember that fella who was so good at fashion they had to shoot him?

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

I have had a very happy Wednesday. I worked from home today, which is always good. In between doing my work I was able to clean the kitchen, change the bed linen and bake a bran loaf, so I feel like I managed to get lots done today and that always makes me feel happy. The bran loaf was very tasty as well, so it was win all round really.

A nice calming day was just what I needed, actually. Yesterday was my first day in our brand new offices in Coventry. In fact, the day at work was really good. The offices are lovely, really bright and clean and spacious and the relocation team made sure that the induction into the new building was efficiently handled. It'll be a good place to work, once I'm based there all of the time. I had a very enjoyable work day and had arranged to meet Nic on campus afterwards. I walked up to the nearest bus stop after work and had been feeling pretty good about my day, but the red mist descended on me. I wore my new Irregular Choice shoes for the first time (well, the first time during the day) and, as I had feared, they are a little bit too big for me. They're officially the right size - I bought them in my size, obviously, but they come up bigger than other size 5s I have had before so they became difficult to walk in. Irrational, I know, but this enraged me. Why didn't they fit? Did I look like a child wearing her mother's shoes? Why the hell didn't they fit?!

I'll admit, that is a fairly inconsequential problem. Added to it was the fact that it was freezing (I know it's January, but Coventry is MUCH colder than Leamington) and I was carrying a heavy bag containing my (borrowed, annoyingly) work laptop in addition to my already pretty heavy handbag. I hate feeling ungainly, and ungainly is what I was. I got to the bus stop and plonked myself down. Seeing as the electronic sign thing said it was 25 minutes to the next bus I got my book out and started to read. A lady came and sat down at the bus stop as well. I don't know her and I don't think she knew me and maybe she just had one of those faces that always looks cross, but she glared at me until the bus arrived. When it did, I had my hands full with my purse and my phone (which had chosen that moment to ring) and my book and I was laden down with my two bags and my stupid bloody shoes....I got on the bus and paid the driver, the glaring woman pushed past me, the bus driver moved off before I'd had a chance to sit down, I had to stumble down the moving bus trying to find a seat.... It was NOT good. When the bus did get to campus the woman sitting next to me didn't move an inch to let me up, so I tripped over her. I met Nic in the bar that used to be The Graduate, just as he was deciding to leave because it was too noisy. We went to the cafe in the new union where I promptly burst into tears because I was just so pissed off.

I know all of that is pathetic, and no real reason at all to get so annoyed. Yesterday afternoon just felt like a series of annoying occurrences one after another. After I had mopped up my tears and eaten a cream slice, I went to the toilet (disgusting, I have to add - Warwick spend £11 million upgrading the union and don't renovate the toilets. Only one cubicle out of the 10 in there actually had a toilet seat, there was no soap, the tap sprayed water all over me and the hand driers weren't working) Nic took me home and I changed into my pyjamas straight away. My evening improved immensely after that. The lovely Mrs Z was in the area and she popped by (Impressively, she managed to get her ready-to-give-birth pregnant self up the 100 stairs to our flat and luckily for me she didn't mind my pyjamas) We had tea and biscuits and a chat, then she went home to have her dinner and Nic and I had ours. Then I stretched out in a bubble bath with Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years which was a gift from M. All of my grumpiness was washed away, and good thing too!

So, you know, yesterday wasn't an ordeal or anything, but I was glad to have a more relaxed day today. Also, I took my shoes in to the excellent Timpson branch on Regent Street and the man there said he could pad the heel out for me. So I should actually be able to wear my lovely shoes without them putting me in a foul mood!

I was also feeling a bit more chirpy because I remembered I had this dress, also a gift from M:

My hair is doing something a bit funny in this picture, but I love this dress and wearing it always makes me feel good.

Sugar Plum and N called round for a cup of tea and some bran loaf, which was very nice indeed. I went round to their house on Monday after work, as did M, and I came home so laden with gifts that Nic had to meet me at the bottom of the stairs to help me with carrying them up to our flat. Sugar Plum donated their old kettle and toaster to us, as their wedding presents have arrived and they are now proud owners of a Delonghi Icona kettle and toaster. This worked out well for us, as our kettle leaks and had begun, worryingly, to switch itself on! Sugar Plum had also bought me two multipacks of Tayto crisps, which made me ridiculously happy. M gave me the Adrian Mole book and a mug with dascshunds on it. I am very spoiled - which actually makes me feel quite ashamed about spending so much of this blog post whining about being cold and having small feet. I'll dry up next time, I promise.

I'm off to London tomorrow and am going to be in meetings ALL DAY. I have four back to back meetings but, when they're finished Nic and I are meeting to take the train down to Kent to spend the weekend with his parents. It will be so good to see them and I am really looking forward to spending the weekend by the sea. On our way back up on Monday, I'm going to pay a visit to the Fever shop to spend some of my hard-earned wages as well - something that is guaranteed to put me in a good mood!