Friday, February 26, 2010

A very naughty lunch time

I am writing this post very quickly, and will write a proper one later tonight but I had to blog about what I bought this lunchtime. I'm in London today, and hadn't planned to be, and had to cancel having lunch with Louise as a result. But it's payday so I thought I'd treat myself to a lunchtime visit to the Fever shop this lunchtime and I bought three lovely dresses. They were all from the sample rack as well, so each under £30!

Copacabana sun dress

Corbusier Atlantis dress. I am especially excited about this one as I went to the shop planning to buy it, even at full price. The only one they had in the store was a sample, and it fit. WIN!

New England dress

The photos don't do the dresses justice, but you'll be seeing some outfit shots soon!