Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well if you'll excuse me, I've got a long bath and a short dress to get into.

You guys, it has been a LONG week already and it's only Wednesday. I hope the February blues aren't attacking you lot the way they seem to have with me!

The end of last week was ever so busy. I worked from home on Friday but had to dial into about a gazillion phone meetings in the morning, so by lunchtime I was properly frazzled. I'm not complaining about the amount of work I have on at the moment because I prefer to be busy than not, but by Friday night all I was fit for was an episode of Inspector Morse and dinner and an early night. Lovely Tom did call round though, bearing the gift of The Fugitive on DVD, which I was very happy about because I love that movie!

On Saturday there was a surprise baby shower for Sugar Plum's sister in law, A. I baked a chocolate banana cake for the occasion and it turned out to be a really fun day. A was very surprised, especially as one of her friends had flown over from Dublin for the event. Sugar Plum's aunt and cousin were there also and it was good to meet them, and one of the best things about the day was hanging out with her family in the evening. There was a lot of banter, which is just what it's like when my family get together. Sugar Plum and I had planned to get pizza from Tuscano's and watch He's Just Not That In To You on Saturday evening, but were too full of cake to really do either of those things. Still, we were able to just mooch around my house and chat while Nic, Tom and N watched a film at her house. Sunday was also lovely - Nic and I exchanged cards (we don't really do Valentine's day presents, although he did buy me the Sex and the City movie book!) and spent the day together, which was just what I needed after such a hectic week.

Monday was when it all started to go a bit wrong. I fell over on my way to work - I went over my ankle on our street, stumbled for a bit before crashing down. I was carrying my work laptop, which didn't get damaged but which did overbalance me, I think. Anyway, I got my hands out in time to save my face, which was good, and the only real visible damage was that the heels of my hands got a bit scuffed up and I laddered my tights. Luckily I finished falling just short of the kerb, otherwise I would have been run over by the post man in his van! He was very nice, though, he stopped to make sure I was okay. I was, but I think the worst thing about falling over as an adult is not being able to cry! I felt very stressed all day at work, and my shoulder and wrist were really hurting from the fall. After work I met up with Sugar Plum and M for a drink in the White Horse, which was good but the three of us were really bummed out! Nic cooked me dinner and ran me a bath when I got home, and I rewarded him by bursting into tears when he made a joke about rhubarb crumble. I'm generous in that way, what can I say?! Work was very busy again yesterday, but not quite as stressful, and then Nic and I spent the evening with Sugar Plum and N, eating pancakes. N makes awesome pancakes, I have to say!

Anyway, I am feeling much less blue today - luckily for me I have Nic and also some very good friends to pick me up when I'm sad. On Monday evening I went through my keepsake boxes and threw out old letters and photos and cards. I'm a bit of a hoarder, and even when friendships and relationships end or change, I hold on to things, and I needed to have a clear out. It felt good to do it, and it also gave me the opportunity to remind myself of all of the love in my life.

I was working from home today so had the chance to recharge my batteries a little bit and get some admin-y stuff done. It was also really good to be able to spend the day with Nic - there is something so harmonious about the two of us just working away in the same room. Also, I was able to go to QS at lunchtime and replace the tights that I ripped on Monday! (That was pretty neat, actually. I bought two pairs of tights, was expecting them to come to £5 but they were on sale so I got both pairs for £1.50. I love QS!)

Today I wore the beautiful dress that Mrs Z made. Here it is:

The white top is from Marks and Spencer and the shoes are Irregular Choice

And, on another note, I have found the Irregular Choice Matronix shoes on the internet for £41, with free postage. They may be a nice little pre-payday treat!

I'm hoping that the rest of the week will be more fun. I'm working in London again tomorrow but Nic and I are going to see Pat and Mike in the NFT with Tom after work, and we're going to an amazing noodle bar for our dinner before that, and then I'm hoping to have a nice lazy weekend.

Now, I'm away to buy some shoes. Hurrah!