Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am sleeping and walking! Sleeping and walking! How am I doing that?

Hello everyone! I'm probably going to keep this fairly short and pedestrian because I am tired. Also, Nic is making me dinner - vegetarian toad in the hole. Yum!

Well, we ended up having a very lovely weekend indeed. We got up bright and early on Saturday morning to catch the first off-peak train down to London (okay, not that early because the first off-peak train is at 9:30, but still. I think that's early enough for a Saturday!) The weather was very springlike, breezy and bright with a few little showers here and there. We didn't stay in town for very long, just long enough for me to go to the Fever shop to pick up a dress for Sugar Plum and a few wee things for myself as well. I had gone with the intention of buying the Scribble maxi dress, which they didn't seem to have out on the rails so I contented myself with trying on a few others, and while I was in the changing room a Scribble dress appeared. A woman had phoned the shop and asked them to keep one back for her in an 8 and one in a 10 so she could try them - the 8 fitted her better, so I got the 10. I was very pleased indeed! I also bought this dress:

It didn't look much on the hanger, but it fits so beautifully. The fabric is a nice heavy linen and it's very elegant, I'm ever so pleased with them both! Of course, as I've gone a bit mad this month I really will have to be good in April. I wonder what the chances are of that happening!

After a really lovely late breakfast in Soho and a browse in the bookshops on the Charing Cross Road, Nic and I caught the overground to Barnes Bridge. We found the bed and breakfast I had booked, and it was gorgeous. The lady who runs it wasn't there, she had left the key with the neighbour for us. The house was beautiful and our room was light and pretty and I knew we'd have a nice night there. Nic and I spent the afternoon pottering around Barnes village, mainly trying to guess which one of the amazing houses might have been Jon Pertwee's house when he was still alive! We met up with our friends, Adam and Les and had a few drinks and dinner, before going to The Bull's Head to see Stan Tracey. The gig was excellent, Stan Tracey was playing in a quintet with a drummer, a bass player, a saxophonist and a trombone player. They were all incredible, and we had so much fun. It was great to see Adam, and to meet Les again and it was such a good way to spend a Saturday evening.

After a (slightly shorter than usual) sleep, Nic and I met our lovely landlady over breakfast. She was so lovely, cooked us a delicious breakfast and chatted to us and made us feel right at home - I'd visit Barnes again just to stay there again, she was so nice. We left reasonably early, and walked across Hammersmith bridge and caught the bus up to Marylebone. I was keen to get back up to Leamington reasonably early, so we spent an hour or two pottering around Marylebone high street before getting the train home. I'm pretty tired now, and as I am going to be in London all week I am somewhat questioning the wisdom of having added two more journeys onto that, but we did have an excellent time. As it had been Nic's birthday present, I am especially happy it worked out so well, as he really enjoyed himself. I feel very lucky that we both can enjoy the same things - little outings like this might not seem like a big deal to some people, but we get a lot of enjoyment out of them and I love having adventures with him. He's the perfect partner to share these things with.

Right, I'm away to have a bath and then to bed. Having a nice Sunday evening, everyone!