Friday, March 26, 2010

You're right, Ollie; he who filters your good name steals trash.

It's Friday, and I have a DAY OFF. I'm so ridiculously happy about this, as you all know work has been chronic recently. I haven't done anything too spectacular with my day off so far, but it has been lovely and relaxing.

I worked from home yesterday and spent ALL day doing month-end finance stuff. It's not a huge part of my job, but it is something that I will have to do every month as I manage some budgets. I had thought that I would have to be in London, but as it turned out I was able to spend the day getting through the finance stuff. It was good to be at home, and especially good to be able to finish up at four and head out with Nic for some coffee and cake:

It was raining, so I've got on my grey hat, but in every other respect it was a lovely spring day

We went for cake in a little bakery close by, Sweet As. Nic had chocolate and orange cake and I had coffee and a florentine, and it was just lovely. It felt very decadent to be going for cake on a Thursday afternoon!

Viv came round for dinner and a number of glasses (bottles) of wine, and we had a late night. I thoroughly enjoyed my long lie-in this morning! The sun was shining (it's gone in now, sadly) so I got gussied up in a nice summery frock that I bought in the Fever sale before Christmas:

Nic and I headed to the tip shop to drop off some videos, and I bought about eleventy-seven books. I have no restraint at the tip shop because everything is 10p. That brings my book total for this week to about three hundred and twelfty nine, so I think I need to read these ones before I buy any others!

I'm off to meet Sugar Plum's new baby niece this afternoon, and then Nic and I are heading to London tomorrow for the weekend. There's a good chance I will do some shopping, so expect a nice long 'I've been very bad, here are some dresses and shoes I bought even though it is very close to payday' post on Sunday evening!

Happy weekend, everyone!