Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lady don't fall backwards

Happy sunny weekend everyone! I think I'm on a bit of a sugar high because I've just eaten a bar of Fry's Peppermint Cream, after successfully wrestling the cover back onto the sofa. It's all go here, isn't it?!

I'm in the middle of planning another non-diary blog entry but until then, here's what I've been up to. On Friday I worked in the office in Coventry. I had a stressful morning because I had made plans to meet Louise for lunch, and I thought I'd have to cancel them because a meeting I had to go to was rescheduled to lunchtime. Luckily Louise was very flexible, so I was still able to meet up with her. The meeting stressed me out enormously because it became clear that my plan of taking the first week of May off to go home and see my family (who I haven't seen since Christmas) was going to be scuppered, because work is going to continue to be mentally busy. I phoned Nic after the meeting, while I was walking to Inspire to meet Louise, and had a good old rant to him. This made me feel better, and having lunch with Louise was so much fun that I walked back to the office feeling totally revived.

I caught the train home and Nic met me at the station. It's only a ten minute journey from Coventry to Leamington, but it's always very romantic to be met on the platform with a kiss. We came home and got ready to go out to the Saxon Mill to celebrate Sugar Plum's birthday. Lauren and Ben were already there and had bagged us a table outside by the water. Sugar Plum looked beautiful in her new maxi dress and it was excellent to sit out by the water and have a chat and a drink with friends.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday so Nic and I decided to spend the day in Stratford. It was extremely busy, as it always is on a sunny day, but it was very beautiful. Even the bus journey there was good fun - the bus went through Barford and Wellesbourne and past Charlecote Park, which is going to be our next day out. We didn't do anything madly exciting in Stratford, just pottered around. Of course, we took some silly photos:

Despite spending some time in Aspire I was very good and didn't buy any more dresses. I did try on these Irregular Choice shoes, however, and fell a little bit in love. Maybe in May?

I did buy some shoes, though. I've been looking for a pair of sandals, so bought these from Clarks:

Annoyingly, the little thing to slip the strap into after you've buckled it is broken on one of these, and the Leamington branch don't carry this style for me to exchange them, but I'll take them to the nice man in Timpson's in Leamington to fix. They're very comfortable on and even have a little bit of a heel, hurrah!

I think I took a wee bit too much sun yesterday though, and felt a bit under the weather when we got home, so Nic and I had a lovely quiet evening in watching an episode of Lewis. I've been surprised by how much I like it and by how good it is. I'm very taken by just how good Kevin Whateley is, and of course all of the landscape shots of Oxford help as well. The only minor gripe I have is that the theme tune kind of sucks, and it sucks even harder in comparison to the Morse theme tune. Still, the box set was well worth buying.

We've had a pretty quiet Sunday so far - just a bit of pottering around town and doing some groceries. Lovely Tom called round though, bearing some AMAZING gifts of Dalek-shaped cupcakes! These were much more impressive than the Dalek-shaped cake I made him for his birthday:

Tom bought them for us from Leamington's new cupcake and sweet shop, Tobey Jack's. It's on Chandos Street, and it also supplied me with the sugar-high Fry's bar I ate before starting to write this entry. It's definitely worth a visit, for any of you Leamington dwellers reading this blog.

I'm off now to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral, bought for 20p from the Scope shop this afternoon. Nic has never seen it, and while I have reservations about Richard Curtis (Notting Hill = BOKE) I have many fond feelings for this movie. So if any of you out there are judging me, whatevs. I love Kristin Scott-Thomas and Simon Callow and David Haig and all of the great people in this movie, so I'm going to enjoy my Sunday evening!