Monday, April 12, 2010

Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge

I'm a wee bit late to the party on this one folks, but I'm going to join it anyway. Earlier this year, Amber, also known as Shoeperwoman set herself the challenge of wearing every one of her pairs of shoes this year. Any that she doesn't wear she's going to bin or give to charity. Lauren is doing the same thing. Over the past few years I have kind of neglected shoe buying in favour of dress buying, so I don't have anywhere near the amount of shoes that these good ladies have. However, I do have a fair number, so I'm joining in with this challenge too. And here is my shoe collection, in no particular order (I haven't included my one pair of Converse or my two pairs of Birkenstocks)

1. Bertie Sardinia shoes: I bought these ones last week in House of Fraser. They were a complete impulse purchase but I have been wanting to buy a nude/neutral pair for a while, so I'm going to try to wear them a fair bit.

2. Clarks Surf Mark sandals: these are the only flat shoes in the whole list!

3. Dune slingback wedges

4. Faith green wedges: I love these shoes but have only worn them about twice because they are a wee bit too big. I need to sort it out, they're much too pretty to give away.

5. Faith purple ruffle shoes: my birthday shoes!

6. Firetrap Desire shoes: A Christmas present from my bro, thinking about getting these in red like Caroline.

7. Irregular Choice Belle shoes: these ones are getting a bit old now, and the black lining makes my feet filthy when I wear them. I do love them all the same.

8. Irregular Choice Flick Flack shoes

9. Irregular Choice Little Miss Oh shoes: these come up a little bit big on me and the colourway makes them not the easiest to match to things. However, they were an amazing bargain from Amazon - £20!

10. Irregular Choice Matronix shoes: Another good Amazon bargain.

11. Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes

12. Irregular Choice t-bar shoes: My first Irregular Choice shoes! These need to be reheeled as they are very old - bought for my graduation, in fact.

13. Kurt Geiger 'Camara' shoes.: I bought these a few years ago in the Selfridges' sale - I always regret not buying two pairs because they were ridiculously reduced. I always get lots of compliments when I wear these - they look so elegant on.

14. Marks and Spencers mary jane shoes: not very exciting or sexy, but comfortable and practical for work.

15. New Look evening sandals: I bought these to wear to Sugar Plum's wedding, and they cut my toes! I'll persevere and wear them again, I hope.

16. Office Cowboy boots: These are in need of a polish, but are very cool.

17. Red shoes from Tammy : These are actually from a children's clothing shop, but their shoes go up as far as a size 5. They're getting a bit battered now, as they have been well-loved.

18. Solea Snap shoes: I'd like to get some more Solea shoes, these are very comfortable and pretty.

19. Topshop grey court shoes: I've lost count of the amount of times I have had these re-heeled, so maybe it's time for them to go. They're ever so pretty though.

20. Topshop teal shoes: Look how old these wee things are. They're going to be mended today, I love these shoes too much to part with them just yet.

22. Topshop suede bow courts: These are 'bloody stupid shoes', according to an old lady in Coventry Indoor Market. I think they're pretty nice, though, and Nic bought them for me!

That's it for now - I have fewer pairs than I thought. This is good, because it means I won't feel so bad for buying some more shoes over the next few months!