Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Show her how much you love her Eddie, throw in a fish.

Now, this is going to be a reasonably short one because it's nearly 9:30pm and I haven't had my dinner yet. My tummy is really growling! Dinner has been so late because it's been a busy old day! I was working in Coventry today, and busy with essential but boring finance stuff. The day went by nice and quickly, though, so that was nice. One of my colleagues had a pair of shoes to give to me, and another one might be joining Sew Make Believe, which would be awesome. Her husband gave her a sewing machine for her birthday and she has been sewing up a storm ever since, which is lovely and very inspiring.

I was met at the station by Nic and Martha, which was just lovely. Coincidentally, Martha was also wearing red shoes so decided to get involved in my Ruby Shoesdays outfit shot:
Roisin and Martha on Ruby Shoesday 27/04/2010
I'm wearing my Fever Pansy Spot Dress and my new IC mermaid shoes. I don't know where Martha's outfits are from, but doesn't she look chic?

le mermaids on le feet
A close up of the shoes because you can't quite see them in the wee shaft of sunlight they're in!

Just while I'm at it, here are my new shoes:
More red shoes
No. 25 - Red suede court shoes
Admittedly, I might not have picked them out for myself but I was extremely pleased with them. They're very elegant on, I look forward to showing them off on a future Ruby Shoesday!

I changed into flats and Martha and I walked up to Sugar Plum's house for a cup of tea and a catch up, which was great. N was busy soldering away at some kind of circuit board and it was very companionable just to sit around in their sunny living room and chat. I left just before eight to meet Caroline and Kate in the Pump Room Gardens to go for a walk. We enjoyed a brisk walk through some parkland, past some beautiful houses and along the canal. We were walking at a fair pace, but not so fast that we couldn't have a good gossip on the way. It was brilliant and I look forward to doing it again soon.

Okay, my dinner is nearly ready so I'm away to eat it. Then maybe I'll watch some Lewis. Yes!