Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's brought all this on? Killing that man?

Just a quick one this evening to share my Ruby Shoesdays outfit shot with you:

Ruby Shoesday 11/05/2010
Red Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes and Fever Theodora dress

I'm actually looking better in that photo than I was feeling, I've been a bit poorly today so I worked from home. It'll be back to the office for me tomorrow though I'm sure - it's difficult to get things done at home and I get a bit stir crazy being in the house all day.

This evening I did a bit more playing with my sewing machine. Taking up the dress isn't really working so I put it to one side and tried something else. I did some simple seams by turning a pillowcase into a cushion cover, which worked well and was really quick to do. Then I thought I'd get a bit more advanced and do some mending, so I got out my much loved and lamented Celia Birtwell for Topshop dress. I bought this about three years ago for a party we were having. I went specially to the Topshop in the Bullring to buy it and was so delighted to find the last one in my size hidden away behind a load of other stuff. It's extremely pretty and flattering but unfortunately it must have been very cheaply made. It isn't lined and it started to come apart at the seams after the first wear. I patched it up okay but after I had worn it a few more times, and my then-housemate had worn it a few times as well, the seams really started to give out and the material frayed. I'm very sentimental about it though, because it's what I was wearing when Nic and I had our first kiss. Anyway, this evening I opened the torn seams out and tidied up the frays, and then stitched them up again. It isn't perfect and it has made the dress a wee bit smaller, but as I'm a bit thinner now than I was when I bought it it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I can wear one of my favourite dresses again, and I'm very happy about that! When I'm a bit more confident I may reinforce the seams a bit more by adding some black ribbon down the front of them, but that will have to wait I think. Anyway, I'm very pleased with what I managed this evening.

Right, now I'm off - Nic and I have an episode of Lewis lined up. Have a pleasant evening, everybody!