Monday, June 28, 2010

A cousin of mine goes potholin', a cousin of hers loves Joe Dolan.

The beautiful weather is continuing and I had a very pleasant day working from home today. It's especially nice when it's so hot because our flat is so cool and shady, it certainly beats the cycle of getting hot while walking to station - being frozen on train - temperature levelling out on walk to office - being alternately cooked and frozen until it's time to go home. I have those joys awaiting me tomorrow, but let's just say that I enjoyed being at home today.

I had SUCH a lovely weekend, it was just what I needed. Nic and I had a very lazy Saturday, but as I have already written about that I won't repeat myself. Sunday was similarly relaxed. I had a bit of a clearout on Sunday morning, which was very satisfying. I sorted through some things to go to the charity shop, some clothes to give to a friend, and some bits and pieces to take to the tip shop. Our kitchen is very small and, while I wasn't as disciplined as I could have been, I went through the cupboards and decided to get rid of a few bits of kitchenalia I have little use for. I kept all of my coffee pots, however. Those babies are going nowhere. Anyway, Nic and I dandered down through the park to the tip shop and then had a wee wander in town while the England-Germany match was on. I wasn't one bit sorry that England were beaten by Germany, but town was so peaceful while England were playing I couldn't help but think that it might be nice if they were playing all the time. As the weather was so glorious I took the opportunity to wear my monkey pinafore:
Sunday 27th June 2010

Nic in Clarendon Square

We had made plans with Tom to watch the finale of Doctor Who round at his. Tom couldn't make it home in time, due to unforeseen events, so we ended up watching it with Paul and Nat. It was lovely, but I did rather feel that we held Paul to ransom in his own home, to watch a show he has, at best, a passing interest in. Still, we brought our own wine and Nat enjoyed Alex Kingston's performance, so it wasn't all bad. And, indeed, the episode itself was rather enjoyable and called my mind back to one of my favourite Doctor Who serials, The Green Death. I have thoroughly enjoyed Matt Smith as the Doctor and I look forward to the next episode at Christmas.

The rest of the week should be fairly uneventful. I'm going to stir myself to get my halterneck dress finished and make a start on my next sewing project. It might be slightly more complicated because it involves altering a pattern quite a bit, but I feel up for the challenge. Since Louise pointed me in the direction of Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing I've found a few really excellent sewing blogs that have inspired and motivated me to teach myself a bit more.

I'm also going to do a lot more reading. Last week I read two really enjoyable Rose Tremain novels, The Way I Found Her and The Swimming Pool Season. The Way I Found Her was an especially satisfying read because it's set in Paris, so I knew lots of the locations mentioned from our visit at the beginning of the month. I've just started Room by Emma Donoghue and hope I'll get through it quickly enough to start on something light and fun that I can read when we're by the seaside this weekend.

Now, I have another blog post bubbling away in my brain so I'm away to write that. Well, maybe after a cup of tea.