Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Do they call you Muldoon?" "Yeah. And Culchie. But mainly just Bitch."

I'm very happy that it is the weekend. For some reason this week has passed by very slowly, which is strange. Maybe it's the heat making me move more slowly, so everything else has slowed down as well.

Yesterday was my last day working in our London office, which was a strange feeling. I've been commuting between Leamington and London for over a year and a half now, and it's strange to think that it's finally over. I won't miss the office (although as offices go, it's a nice one) or the long days, or racing through the underground with all my stuff to try to make it to Marylebone in time for my train home. However, I will miss the place and the people and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work in Mayfair for a time and to get to know London better as a result.

A number of my colleagues left this week, among them my colleague Andy. I worked with him on one big and stressful (and ongoing!) project and he's marvellous. I'm really sorry not to be working with him any longer and I felt very sad to say goodbye to him. I did feel emotional as I left the office yesterday, and the position our organisation is in seemed even more sad than it had before. As I wrote the other day, I'm trying to think positively about this and think of all possibilities there may be, so I'm not going to get too maudlin on you all now!

In any case, I'm too happy to feel all that worried right now. It's been a good week. I had lunch with the lovely Louise on Thursday and spent most of Thursday evening eating strawberries and gossiping with Sugar Plum and Martha. In fact, I spent lots of last night gossiping with Martha as well, this time over coffee and background noise episodes of Sex and The City.

One of the episodes wasn't quite background noise, however. The other day I read this post on Lauren's blog, and it chimed with things I have been thinking about this week, and the resulting mixture made me seek the wisdom of Carrie Bradshaw in the Season 6 episode A Woman's Right To Shoes. I love this episode. I think Tatum O'Neal is great in it as the bitchy friend Kyra, Stanford gets to make an appearance and you also get to see Evan Handler's wee bum. What's not to like?!

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Lauren wrote passionately and angrily about the way in which some people pigeonhole her or judge her for writing about fashion in her blog. There were some interesting responses in the comments, which again seemed to chime with things I have been thinking about my blog. In the past few weeks I have been giving quite serious thought to either taking my blog offline completely, or making it subscription only. I have been feeling that, by writing about what's going on in my life, or how I'm feeling, or what I've been spending my money on, I have been opening myself up to criticism. I have been wondering if I shouldn't expect stones to be hurled if I'm going to go around handing them out.

Obviously, as you're reading this on my blog - I decided against closing it/making it private. I'll keep writing and I'll keep it open to whoever wants to read it. I'm very aware that some readers might think that I am frivolous or shallow because I like to write about the pretty dresses I've bought, or they might think I'm immature because I write about silly things. Some people might even find my attitude towards life to be offensive, who knows? I'd like to say that this doesn't bother me, but it does. And, on a more personal note, sometimes I wonder if the record I'm leaving behind of myself is doing me an injustice! But, the thing is this. I am frivolous, and I can be shallow, and I definitely have some very immature interests. I enjoy writing about this stuff, as well. There is a lot more to me than I can put into this blog, and it only represents a small part of who I am, but I like the part that admires the way my wee feet look in pretty shoes just as much as I like the rest. I might have a go at writing about more serious things from time to time and show you all what an upstanding member of society I am, but in the main I enjoy what I've got going here. In the Sex and the City episode I referred to earlier, Carrie is bothered by the way in which her friend Kyra judges her for spending money on expensive shoes. Kyra tells her that she no longer spends so frivolously because she has "a real life" and Carrie leaves feeling that she has been shamed for her choices. Lauren wrote that she didn't want to feel shamed for writing about fashion and in the comments to her article, Amber wrote that she felt the same way, and so do I. This blog is silly and trivial, but I like it.

So, it's business as usual, really. With that, here are a few wee outfit shots for you:

24th June 2010
Laura Lees for Topshop dress and Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes

This is what I wore on Thursday. I love this dress but hadn't worn it for ages. I think I had an idea that I didn't like the way it looks on me. I'd been holding on to it for sentimental reasons but I've decided that I do like it after all! I have a few dresses by Laura Lees for Topshop and they're all very pretty, with lively patterns and cute embroidery on them - but these days I'm too old for Topshop. I can't even figure out what half of the garments are meant to be when I go in nowadays and also their shoes are crap now.

I don't have an outfit shot for Friday because I spent most of the day either on a train or packing stuff in boxes, so I was too sweaty and tired to bother with a picture.

Today was a different story, and Nic and I have been enjoying a lovely lazy Saturday:

Saturday 26th June 2010
Ruby Belle Darcia dress, Clarks sandals and my fetching straw sunhat

I bought this dress on ebay and it arrived this morning. Man, it is short. Really short. I don't know how anybody who was any taller than my measly five foot one could manage wearing it (but then, maybe this is why it was being sold on ebay for £7) I confess that, while it is very cute, it is not at all practical for an afternoon of reading in the park. I had to sit in a very particular way to avoid flashing my pants to passers by. That said, I'm very pleased with my find because I think the dress is very cute. It will look good with tights in cooler weather, and it has pockets!

Well, I'm off to enjoy some more of this beautiful afternoon. I'm going to leave you with a wee video of Soupy Norman. I have no reason for it, except that it makes me laugh. Enjoy!

If you promise not to pee on the seats I'll roll down the window and you can stick your head out and shout all your mad Cork stuff at the Dublin people.