Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I don't ask were you get your cash from, you don't have to ask where I get me whales.

It's still lovely and sunny here in Leamington, and I've decided to get back on track with my Shoe Challenge. Today it was the turn of...

Irregular Choice Matronix shoes - yum!
No. 10 - Irregular Choice Matronix Courts

Okay, I know they're not the most summery of shoes, but for some reason yesterday I took a real notion for wearing them. I haven't worn them to work much because, while they're comfortable, the velvety lining means my feet don't have too much grip so they're not much good for the inevitable run for the train (or the soon-to-be-a-thing-of-the-past dash through the tube) I'm working from home today, though, so I can do what I want:

23rd June 2010
Fever shirt dress, Max C belt and sun hat from Leamington Peace Festival last year

Actually, neither of those pictures really do the shoes justice. They have a lovely suede upper but the best thing about them is the purple sparkly heel. I hesitated over buying them, despite having wanted them since about October, but then obviously I decided just to go for it! They were really cheap from Amazon and, while the suede (and the aforementioned slipperiness) make them not the easiest shoes to wear, they were totally worth it. I bought the dress from a shop called Dessies in Armagh - worth visiting if you're ever in the area because a) they have good bargains and b) Dessie himself is SO nice and cute.

It's all quiet here in Dolly Clackett Towers (hah. That doesn't really work, does it? I need to think of a name for where I live) My up and down moodiness of the past few months is finally levelling out and I feel all the better for it. I've been thinking a lot about the future. This is partly connected with the fact that, since the Government announced plans to close my workplace down, I have been thinking about my future. Also, Nic is writing up his thesis and he too is trying to figure out what to do next. Obviously it's a difficult time to be planning for the future, and I'm trying to see this as freeing, in a way. An uncertain future is arguably full of possibilities. The budget and the continuing financial gloom is obviously casting a cloud, but in a way this has possibilities of its own. I've found this to be true emotionally, as well, and the emotional turbulence I've experienced over the past few months has created possibilities of its own as well. It's good to be feeling positive again after what felt like such a long time of feeling miserable.

Well, I've gone from talking about shoes to getting all philosophical (well, in my own very shallow way) but, in truth, these kinds of thoughts occupy a much bigger space in my brain than shoes do. I'm one of life's worriers, which is why I keep finding grey hairs when I do my hair in the morning.

Anyway, the sun is shining and everyone at work is watching the football, so I think I'm going to take myself down to the park for an ice cream, and a read of my book, and further philosophical and shoe-related thoughts.