Monday, June 21, 2010

Regret for the past is a waste of spirit.

I can tell it's been a good weekend when I'm faced with the prospect of washing every dish I own. This is what I did this afternoon - it didn't take that long because our kitchen is very small, because it was just too nice to spend time washing up this weekend.

I worked from home on Friday and got a fair bit done before packing up reasonably early to meet my girls for a drink in Wilde's. I met Caroline at the station and we joined Sugar Plum, Lauren and Martha in Wildes for a few early evening drinks. Well, actually, I had planned to have a cup of coffee but as Lauren was on the wine I thought it'd be rude to leave her to it alone. Ahem. I suggested Wildes because of the football - it being a small wine bar I thought it'd be quiet. It was, after the group of annoying shouty jock boys left, and it was a very lovely end to the week. I picked up dinner for Nic and myself on the walk home, and we settled in for an evening of Chinese food and 70s thrillers. It was ace. Oh, I nearly forgot - I did an outfit shot on Friday afternoon:

Darling dress and Irregular Choice Hermia wedges. I was stopped by a lady in a shop who wanted to compliment my dress, which made me smile a lot!

Nic got up early(ish) on Saturday to go and hang out at the Leamington Peace Festival with Viv, but as it was so grey and cold I had no mad desire to join him. Instead I got to work on cutting out the pattern pieces for my next sewing project, and spent the afternoon pottering away at that. I was joined in this by Sugar Plum, Martha, Lysy and Lauren and we passed the afternoon quietly and companionably working away at our own things; the living room was a quiet hive of activity! It was a truly relaxing way to pass the time and I made some headway on my dress. I'm finding it more difficult than the first one I made, because the pattern is a little bit more complicated. I spent some time last night hurting my brain by trying to figure out how exactly the bloody bodice goes together, but I worked it out and I think I may get the dress finished either this evening (if I can be faffed to get the machine out) or sometime later this week. I am pleased with how the fabric looks, though - I chose it with this dress in mind and I'm happy with the effect. I'll put up a photo if I ever get the durned thing finished!

Lauren stayed with us for tea and an episode of Star Trek :The Next Generation (oh yeah, we know how to show a girl a good time) and some time later we were joined by Paul for a very civilised evening with a few gins, some tasty food and some dancing music. Good times indeed!

It was beautifully sunny yesterday morning so Nic and I headed down to the Peace Festival nice and early to catch Noke's set on the main stage and we contrived to spend most of the day down there. We were joined by Martha and, a little later on by Louise, her mum and her lovely husband. You can read about it in more detail over on Louise's blog, but it was a very happy day of listening to music, chatting and generally just feeling very lazy. Oh, and trying on hats, of course:

This weekend was just what I needed. It was so good to spend lots of time with friends, and to have nothing in particular to do except have fun. Okay, it did mean that there was a fair bit of washing up to do today but I think I can live with that! This week is going to be a busy one work-wise as my team are moving out of the London office and a number of my colleagues are leaving. I have to be in London on Friday (by no means my favourite thing) but that will be the end of me having to commute down there for work, which is a blessed relief. Working in Coventry is far less glamorous, but much more convenient!

Right, well I think I am going to get the machine out and do a bit more on this dress. Well, maybe after I have a sandwich. And a piece of cake. And a cuddle.