Monday, August 02, 2010

Being a store detective is like being the person who stands up at a wedding. No-one likes doing it, I didn't like doing it, not to my own brother!

I am so happy Monday is over, everyone! I mean the working day, that is. Right now I'm curled up on the sofa with some crisps while Nic watches Doctor Who. It's nice to have a restful evening, it's been a busy week!

It's actually all been rather lovely. I had a busy work week last week, and lots of nice social goings on as well. Wednesday night was the Sew Make Believe book group, so I took myself off to the pub after I'd had my tea. The book was Wild Swans by Jung Chang, which I had read a fair few years ago. I didn't reread it, but the book group was informal enough for that not to be a problem. It was a thoroughly lovely evening - Zoe was sporting her gorgeous hand-made dress, and Caroline had brought along some rather interesting cakes. Nic came along to meet me when we'd finished up, so he stayed for a drink as well. It was lovely!

I had a day-long meeting on Thursday and so had a fairly unexciting day, but Nic met me when I finished work and we had a wee browse around some of Coventry's shops before meeting my lovely Louise and her husband for drinks in Browns. Louise and I were both feeling a wee bit smug, as I was wearing my Simplicity 2591 and she was wearing her first hand-made dress. Nic and Peter had to endure a little bit of dress chat, but only a little! The time flew by very quickly and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Louise and Peter went off home, and Nic and I went to Nando's (FTW) after a quick detour to see if Gosford Books was open. I love Gosford Books and was disappointed to find it closed, but really tickled to see the sign the owner had placed in the door:

It's not like Nic and I need any more books, but I always love visiting Gosford Books because the owner is so cool. Anyway, it was probably for the best. Off we went for dinner, which we followed with drinks in Inspire before catching the train home.

I worked from home on Friday which was excellent, because it gave me a little bit of extra time to get the house sorted out. Nic and I were expecting visitors, you see - our friend JP and his lovely lady Hannah. Nic had some happy daydreams of us meeting them off the train and taking them along to the Saxon Mill, but the horrible murky drizzly evening scuppered those plans. Instead we had dinner together before heading over to the Somerville to meet Viv and Tom. I couldn't find it in myself to be disappointed by the rain because the Somerville was wonderful as always - we took our drinks into the back room (no Go Johnny Go Go Go Go for us) and had a fine time and a late night.

I have to admit, I was feeling quite a bit worse for wear in the morning and I spent most of Saturday feeling quite ill! Nic made us breakfast and we took the bus over to Stratford to visit the Butterfly Farm. It's the third time Nic and I have been there (in fact, we had our first date there) but JP and Hannah had never been and we all really enjoyed ourselves. I like the butterflies very much but actually, I think my favourite thing about the butterfly farm is the pond full of enormous Koi and also the sections called Insect City and Arachnoland. Arachnoland is particularly cool...


We spent a little bit of time pottering around Stratford, which was good, but we were all preoccupied by trying to think up Shakespeare-pun-related names for shops, and wondering why this painting of Shakespeare looked so familiar:

William Nicolas Shakespeare

We made the most of the sunshine by having a picnic in Charlecote Park, before catching the bus home. We were all pretty tired but as the weather was so nice we decided to walk along to the Saxon Mill for a few drinks. The wheat field smelled beautiful, and as we got closer to the river we spotted a crop circle!

I was too hung over to drink at the Saxon Mill but very much enjoyed sipping my tonic water as the sun set on the river. The Saxon Mill isn't my favourite pub, but I love the walk and the smell of the water. On the walk back through the moonlit field we tried to scare one another with ghost stories, and by the time we got home I was ready for bed.

Sunday was very very quiet - I'm not as young as I used to be and two late nights in a row did me in. We watched Sherlock, which was rather less than impressive...but don't just take my word for it, go over and read Nic's review at Squeezegut Alley. I do think that Cumberbatch and Freeman make an excellent Holmes and Watson, but I thought last night's episode was pretty dull.

And that brings me to today, which was completely unexciting. I was in meetings all morning and was catching up all afternoon. I did manage to mark another pair of shoes off my list for Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge, however:

Monday 2nd August 2010

Monday 2nd August 2010

Shoes Number 18: Solea Snap shoes
I'm wearing these with the vintage dress that I bought in Paris. Every other time I've worn this, I've gone with red shoes but as the Solea shoes are navy and yellow I thought I'd take the chance to go a bit matchy-matchy. I think that, on the whole, this dress looks better with a higher heel but it still worked. And don't you think I'm clever for managing to put together an outfit that matches? Make sure to congratulate me on my massive achievement in the comments box.

Okay, on that note I'm away for a cup of tea and a good old laze around. Hurrah!