Friday, October 29, 2010

We all get obsessed sometimes. The important thing is to drop it before you start yakking on and on about it to someone who doesn't give a rat's ass.

It's Sunday evening, it's dark outside and I'm in my pyjamas on the sofa. If it weren't for my noisy neighbours playing their stupid video game REALLY LOUDLY, things would be perfect. I shouldn't complain too much though because I have had a very lovely weekend.
My horrible sicky headache lasted through til Friday morning (it came on after watching The Apprentice on Wednesday night, I wonder if it has migraine-inducing qualities?) so I was feeling a bit miserable at the start of Friday. Luckily for me it did finally go away, and Nic and I were able to go out for a date that evening. We went to Strada. Despite it being a chain restaurant, I really like the one in Leamington. The staff are friendly and the food is good, and the first time Nic and I went out for a meal together it was to Strada, so I have a sentimental attachment to it. The meal was wonderful, and so was the bellini I had as an aperitif.
On Saturday, Lauren, Lysy and I went to Coventry to go to the annual vintage sale in the Criterion Theatre. We got there early, and it was a good thing too because there was already quite a queue forming outside. The sale was very small, but they had some amazing dresses and theatre costumes, and all very reasonably priced. Lauren bought herself a few dresses, Lysy bought a waistcoat for The Scientist, and I scored a few metres of very garish 70s curtain fabric:

I was very pleased with my find. I'm not going to make curtains out of it, and have a summer dress in mind for the fabric. As it cost all of £3 I was pretty happy! There was a lady selling vintage dress patterns, all in excellent condition and some dating back to the 20s. However, even her 70s patterns were £12 - £15, which seemed a bit steep to me, so I limited myself to the fabric.
Well, I didn't quite limit myself to the fabric. On my way home I stopped into House of Fraser and bought myself these:

Shoes number 34: Bertie Sardinia shoes in black
Yes, more Sardinia shoes! I wore my nude ones yesterday and was reminded afresh of how much I love them, so resolved to buy the wedge versions. I thought they'd make for a reasonably sensible pair of black shoes. I did try on the wedges, but part of what I love about the nude shoes is the elegant shape so I went for the court shoes again.
We had a very exciting evening planned. Lysy had told us a few weeks ago that Ghostbusters was being screened at the Spa Centre, so we went in last week to buy our tickets. I hadn't seen the film since I was a child, and had forgotten most of what happened in it, so it was like watching a new film for me. Lauren had never seen it, and Kate and Rich love it so we were all very excited about it. I had sort of planned to go in costume but got a bit lame at the last minue and decided to wear my new dress instead. Luckily, Nic, Lauren and Amy made a bit more of an effort:

Nic doing his best to look ghoulish as a Victorian gentleman. A man in the pub opined that if he was half of Burke and Hare, he must have been the Burke, but I thought he looked great!

My new dress from Blue Banana and the first wear of the black Sardinia shoes

Lauren as a sailor, with Amy as Marilyn Monroe
The film was great. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing in on the big screen (despite the conehead sitting in front of me) and it was much funnier than I had remembered. I don't go to the cinema often enough (mainly because I hate other people in the cinema, grrr) so it is a real treat when we do go, especially when the film is so much fun! After the film we stopped into the Clarendon for a drink. It was predictably rammed, but I was very impressed by the amount of people in costume and the sheer inventiveness of some of them - this wasn't just men in women's clothes and sexy taxi drivers. I didn't manage to get a photo of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Splinter, but Shredder here should give you an idea:

This costume was home-made!
We finished our evening in the Somerville and had an excellent time, staying out much later than I had intended, so it was a good thing that today had an extra hour in it!

I blame Pub Club

This one doesn't need a caption
Nic and I have been very lazy indeed - we did some shopping in Lidl with Lysy

we didn't buy this, shamefully
followed by lunch and a browse around the markets. I love lazy Sundays, it's the best way to get ready for the week ahead.
Now, I'm away to post a kebab through the letterbox downstairs. Have a good week, everyone!