Sunday, December 05, 2010

I drink what I’m able. If that comes to much, that’s the day’s affair and the liquor’s.

Hello there my pretties! I did mean to write something yesterday, but the day somehow got away from me. So, sit tight because you're in for a lot of me telling you what I've been doing and what I was wearing while I was doing it. Lucky old you!
It's been another very enjoyable weekend, all the better for being so surprisingly mild. Well, it wasn't that mild on Friday night, but still. Nic and I had a dinner date with Lysy, The Scientist and Lauren. A conversation during our pub lunch in The Jug and Jester a few weeks ago made us decide to have dinner in the lovely South Indian restaurant, Kayal, on Regent Street. Nic and I had eaten there a few times before and thought the food was delicious, so were very happy to be going again. I took the opportunity to wear my new Bettie Page dress, which I had given in and bought earlier that week from Pin-up Parade. Unfortunately, the circle skirt version had sold out by the time I placed my order but Helen was able to send me the pencil skirted dress. I love it, although I can't help but think how beautiful the fuller-skirted one would be! Overall I'm really happy with the quality and the fit of the dress, but I did have to mend one of the side seams after trying it on - it had been clipped too close to the seam allowance in one bit and popped open. The stitches didn't come undone, and the fabric didn't tear, it just came away. It was easy to fix, but I would have been very miffed if I'd paid full price for it. Anyway, on with the photos:

Bettie Page Jazmin dress and Irregular Choice Matronix shoes

A close-up to show you the pretty fabric

I love the detail on the back of the dress, it's very sexy in an understated way

Pretty purple button

I wore it with this cocktail ring, which I think actually belongs to Martha...
I had planned to wear my wellies and carry my shoes because the weather forecast sleet, but in my rush to leave the house I forgot. It didn't matter so much because the restaurant is so close to our house. Anyway, we had a fantastic time. The staff are so friendly and helpful, and the food is utterly delicious. I had a spinach and toor daal, which was very tasty. The next time I go, I think I'll order what Nic had - a masala dosa:

Nic with his dosa. What a happy man!
As well as wonderful food, the company was of course excellent. We were fairly stuffed by the time we paid the bill and started the walk along to The Somerville. The walk was beautiful. It started to snow, very lightly, and it was magical to be walking through the snowy streets with good friends. The Somerville was suprisingly busy but luckily we didn't have to wait for too long to get a table, and we were joined by V, who was on marvelous form. It was an excellent night, and I went to bed feeling very happy and still full from my dinner.
Saturday was a thoroughly lazy affair. Nic and I had a browse around the charity shops, did our grocery shopping and chores, and got home and under the blanket for a snuggly evening. A conversation about black dresses with Lauren inspired me to pull out one of my party dresses to try to incorporate it into my day clothes:

Fever Loire dress. Red belt from Accessorize and my black Bertie Sardinia shoes. Photo taken in the Leamington museum
This dress comes with a self-matching sash, but I'm becoming less and less keen on self-matching fabric belts. I'm not completely sure this outfit worked, but I did feel nice and swishy all day in it! While in the museum I took the opportunity to piss around trying on hats:

I love top hats

I really like this vintage railway poster for Leamington
We had a quiet evening in, cooked a roast dinner and apple crumble, and enjoyed a few episodes of Deadwood with some gin and tonic. It's hard to beat an evening in with your honey!
This morning I relived my teenage and undergraduate days by dancing around my bedroom while I was tidying. The soundtrack consisted of Pulp, 604 by Ladytron and The Facts of Life by Black Box Recorder. Teenage Roisin had a massive girl-crush on Sarah Nixey and somewhat-older-Roisin still does. She's amazing, and so today I decided to model my outfit on the cover of The Facts of Life:

It's just the facts of life. There's no master plan.

My attempt at this outfit. I'm wearing the Fever Dita dress in black (I also have this in blue, fact fans!) and Bertie shoes

Accessorised with that cocktail ring and my birthday present from the gorgeous Louise

Photographed in front of the light sculpture thing in Warwick Arts Centre
I think I did okay with this! Also, having ordered this dress again in red from Brandalley (£13!) I'm all set to recreate the cover of The Worst of Black Box Recorder at a later date

Good old fashioned brutality
After all of my dancing around, it was time to go out! Nic and I headed onto campus to see Chico and Rita in the Arts Centre cinema. This is the third time I've been to the cinema in three weeks, which is bound to be some kind of record for me! I really enjoyed the film, but this was the most trying cinema experience of the three. I'm not such a grumpybum that I object to people taking through the adverts, but it does piss me off when they talk through the trailers. Mind you, I shouldn't be so annoyed, because the trailers were for films that looked shit (Skeletons, The Tourist - which looked the most bollocks of the three - and The American, which did nothing except convince me that I don't want to see George Clooney with his shirt off) Anyhow, I really enjoyed Chico and Rita and so did Nic. And on our way home, we had a mini-celebrity spot: Rhys Rosser from last year's Junior Apprentice:

Haha! Nic spotted him first, he must be an undergraduate at Warwick. Anyway, he seems to be doing alright now, he had a couple of chicks with him and was wearing some trendy clothes. Also, he was well-mannered, unlike the little shit in the parka who actually elbowed me out of the way to get onto the bus in front of me. He looked like someone East 17 had rejected as a dancer, and I let him know that. Twat.
Anyway, enough of that rage, it's Sunday evening! Nic's listening to Miles Davis and warming up some mince pies for us to have with an episode of Deadwood, so I'm going to leave you with the video for the single of The Facts of Life.