Friday, January 28, 2011

Friend Friday: Blogging Mechanics

Another set of Friend Friday questions and answers, folks! I sort of stole Amber's title for it, because it made me laugh.
What technology do you use in blogging? (Computer, camera, video camera, tripod etc)
My blogging is VERY low-tech indeed. Up until a few weeks ago I was taking photos with my mobile phone and just putting them on my blog with no editing or cropping or anything. I think that was working fine, though. I have a really nice HTC phone with a fairly good camera app, so I was having fun playing about with the various retro settings and suchlike. The only issue was that it doesn't work all that well in low light and can be difficult to focus. When my little sister got a new digital camera for Christmas she gave me her old one and it has made getting photos that bit easier, although in terms of megapixels it's less high-tech than my phone. I have been cropping photos and adjusting the contrast where necessary using iPhoto and I usually write my blogs on my by-now-rather-ancient iBook G4. It's becoming increasingly obvious that it's on its last legs, or it is approaching its last legs, so I might have to look at buying myself a new laptop in the not-too-distant future.
One of my outfit shots taken with the HTC vignette app. I really like the overall style, but not necessarily the best for capturing the details of the outfit - in this case one of my gorgeous Fever Dita dresses
What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools etc)
Again, I am fairly low tech. I set my blog up on blogger and sort of regret that because I think I would find wordpress a better platform for me. Unfortunately someone else has registered as a blog, and I don't want to change my url to (although I have registered it just in case) I do find blogger an incredibly frustrating platform to work on, though. Uploading photos can really screw with the formatting, the 'preview' tool is completely useless and I don't like the commenting system. I will possibly look at importing it all over to a better platform at some point in the future but I'm muddling along for now as best I can. My experience has definitely improved since I've been using my flickr account better for uploading photos onto the blog. I've been having mixed feelings about Disqus but I think it's still definitely an improvement on blogger's own built in commenting system.
What is your process for taking pictures?
This depends on how much time I have! Nic takes my photo so I try to decide on where is best to pose, given the amount of light and time etc and then we just get on with it. I want to make more of an effort to add variety into where we choose for location and stuff, and even how I pose for photos, but this will be something I evolve, I think.
When it comes to backdrops for your pictures, what do you consider? Do you scout locations of shoot the same spot daily?
As I said above, the amount of light. This has been a real issue because this winter has been so murky – until my sister gave me her camera it was extremely difficult to get photos that didn't look totally rubbish. I like my backdrop to be not too busy – at the moment most of my photos are taken in front of my wardrobe doors because there's some space there and also the light is okay. When the weather is better I prefer to get the photos outside. I really like the photos taken on the front step of our building because I think it's such a pretty backdrop. I also like the photos from inside the arboretum. I think I'm lucky in where I live because there are lots of good locations – it's just finding the time and the good weather to be able to get out and shoot there.
I really like the way the front door frames the image - I think this is a good location.
If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment, what would you be buying?
I will need a new laptop at some point soon-ish. Before that though, I'm going to buy a semi DSLR. I probably wouldn't use all of the functions of a DSLR but I find not being able to play about with focus etc on a point and shoot really limiting. I'll probably buy a second hand one so it won't be too much of a splurge, but I'm definitely heading in that direction ☺
So, there you go. I'll be back a bit later today with some outfit shots and general chat.