Thursday, January 06, 2011

Have a nice time in Leamington Spa. I hear it's got the best Lidl in the West Midlands.

So, Nic and I are back in Leamington again, and those annoying neighbours downstairs seem to have decided to greet us by playing stupid thumpy music very loudly once again. I'm giving them half an hour, then I'm putting on my Mike Post TV themes CD on loudly and going out. Passive aggressive, isn't it?!
Seriously though, apart from that it is nice to be back. Our flight back yesterday had none of the drama of my flight home before Christmas and I liked it that way. It is good that it was painless, because it does take most of the day which always seems a shame. When we got back to Leamington it was dark and drizzly, and we had to go to Tesco. Back to reality with a bump after a fortnight of being cooked for and pampered! Still, it was nice to get back to our flat and I even had some belated Christmas presents to open. Nic's brother and his parents had both sent presents with him for me, and they were beautiful. Nic's brother bought me Series 3 of The Thick of It, which made me very happy indeed (and totally reignited my crush on Peter Capaldi!) and Nic's parents spoiled me with a pretty printed shoe bag and a beautiful hardback copy of Mrs Miniver by Jan Struthers. I also had some long awaited post to finally open, starting with a parcel from Emma of Ol Green Eyes. She ran a competition on her blog before Christmas, and I was lucky enough to win, and opening the parcel was like getting another present! I don't have a photo of one of the gifts - a bag of maltesers - because Nic and I tore through them with our 'getting home at last' cups of tea! The other items were some lovely bits of makeup:

Maybelline Line Definer liquid eyeliner, Benefit 'Wild Card' Full Finish lipstick, some false eyelashes, Catrice nail lacquer (and a random bottle of my own Barry M nail varnish that got mixed up into it when I took this photo)

A beautiful jewellery box heart pendant from Accessorize
I'm very grateful to Emma for running such a lovely blog giveaway and, I have to say, she's inspired me to do one of my own in the coming weeks. I just need to gather up some treats!
Nic and I were both pretty lame-o and flaked out almost totally after having our dinner. As I had given Nic the complete Laurel and Hardy boxed set for Christmas we thought it would be fun to watch one of the films and settled down to watch Sons of the Desert, which I hadn't seen before. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather so it was really good to snuggle under a blanket and watch a funny film - however, every time I tried to laugh (frequently, it was a funny film) it turned into a coughing fit. Still, it was worth it, the film is very funny.

I have to hand it to you, Ollie... for the meticulous care with which you have executed your finely formulated machinations in extricating us from this devastating dilemma.
We got up early this morning to do a bit of tidying around the flat before going out to collect more late post from the sorting office and to do the grocery shopping. It's still pretty cold in Leamington, but it's positively tropical compared to the temperatures we were enjoying in Dungannon so I felt brave enough to forgo the opaque tights. I wore another one of the parcels I unwrapped last night, a Fever dress I bought on ebay before Christmas:

Fever Java dress and Irregular Choice Flick Flack shoes
This dress was a total impulse buy one evening when I was watching something else I was bidding on, but I'm glad I bought it. Admittedly it'll need a slip underneath it to make it office-appropriate, but I really like the colours and I've felt so floaty all day in it! I like the back view as well.

I also felt it was time to give my new Flick Flacks an outing. They don't strictly match this frock, although they both have red and green in them. I'm calling this one for the shoe challenge anyway!

new Flick Flack shoes
I gave the Benefit 'Wild Card' lipstick a spin, and accessorised the dress with this cute wee owl ring I bought the other day in H&M. At first I thought the lipstick might be a shade dark for me, but I like it quite a lot. I'll never be someone who wears lipstick every day, but it's nice to wear it from time to time.

I actually also bought some owl earrings, but they're too wee to photograph well
I also decided to give my new nail varnish a go. The colour is called The Devil Wears Red, and it's a very pretty blood red colour

The devil wears red
On our way to the sorting office, we noticed something very strange in Jephson Gardens

Strange snow formations
Isn't this strange? From a distance it looked plastic, like the council had put up some sort of 'winter wonderland' type thing, but it is really ice. The pond is frozen over, and I think this strange formation of ice is formed from the frozen fountains in the pond, but they do look like sculptures of some sort. It seemed even odder because all of the snow has melted away, so it's quite incongruous. Anyhow, we dandered through the park and over the river to the post office and I picked up the parcels I've been waiting on for a month. It was good to finally get my paws on them! One was the long-awaited Tara Starlet petticoat, and the other was something very pretty. You'll see a photo when I wear it tomorrow, but I will give you a little sneak preview:

a corsage...can you tell what it is yet?
The rest of the afternoon has been very relaxed. I had no real desire to stay in town for very long so after doing the shopping we came home and have been making the most of the free afternoon ever since. No plans for this evening past a film and dinner, and then tomorrow I'm off to see my friend L for cake and jigsaws. To be honest, at the moment I'm still feeling in hibernation mode and I'm quite enjoying just holing up in the flat with Nic, some tea and DVDs. Maybe going back to work next week will make me feel a bit more sociable but right now I'm away to make a cup of tea and have a read of my book. Until tomorrow, my dears!