Sunday, January 23, 2011

I failed to exploit the potential of the cross-head screwdriver. It was publicly pretty shameful.

So, here we are around at Sunday once again. This week has gone by so fast, but it's still over a week to go until payday. There's just no logic in the world, is there?!
Today Nic and I had planned to go over to Coventry, where the wonderful Louise was hosting a Crafty afternoon and Nic was going to go to the pub with her husband. We didn't make it, because after going to bed ill in the hope of waking up better, poor old Nic woke up feeling even worse. I had been feeling under the weather for most of the week and, while I am grand now, he seems to have picked it up. So for him doing anything other than shivering under a blanket on the sofa was really out of the question. On the plus side, it did mean I got to practise my nurturing skills by bringing him cups of tea/lemsip, putting on DVDs for him and generally fussing like a mother hen. It's disappointing though because I was really looking forward to getting my craft on and eating some cake!
So, with that the case my Sunday has been very low key. I did manage to get some crafting done in that I finally cleared my mending pile. There had been four dresses staring balefully at me from it - two needing zips fixed, and two needing other small repair jobs. Now I just have to find hangers for them! Lovely Nic was able to wield a camera in my direction to take an outfit shot as well:
Sunday 23rd January 2011
Fever Mocoa Lily dress, purple cardigan from Warehouse and KG Camara shoes. The necklace and the ring were both freebies from Aspire Style
I'm never sure about this dress. When I bought it I was a little bit bigger and now I'm not sure it fits well. I have altered it a little, but I'm still not sure. I love the colours and the print, and it's really easy to style but I think I might give it away. What do you guys think? I love the shoes, though. Every time I wear these I wish I'd bought two pairs, and I have never seen them again anywhere. Ah well, I suppose that's one of those valuable life lessons.
It's cold again in our flat (no wonder poor Nic is feeling unwell) so we've been making heavy use of my Bagpuss hot water bottle. So much that he's starting to take on some distinct character traits, like not wanting to be ignored:

Look how sad he is on his own! Like the slow loris when his tickles stopped
Someone else has picked up on this bid for attention:

With it being so cold, I haven't been doing much proper sewing, but I have been keeping my hands busy, and have been working on some crochet. It's a nice way to keep warm as well, making a blanket.

My granny square blanket-in-progress
Well, I'm off to make my poorly man some vegetable soup. Have a lovely week, everyone!