Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's nothing but a measly footnote to The Red Shoes.

So, seriously, could Spring hurry up and get here? Wrapping up warm is nice, and all, but I am tired of feeling cold. It's cold in our wee flat, Nic and I are swaddled in blankets and I'm on my 357th cup of tea of today just to keep my fingers from freezing!
No, I'm only joking. It's only 324 cups of tea, and I don't mind the cold that badly. It's just, my nose is cold and that's apt to make me a little bit growly. I have no other reason to feel growly this Sunday evening because I have had such a lovely weekend. I love the weekends that start with me working from home, and my weekend got off to a great start as Denise called round bearing baked goods and dresses. This was a winning strategy - it's a clear path to my heart. The hours flew by and before we knew it, it was time for dinner and a film. Denise took herself off home, Nic and I snuggled up with some fizzy wine and our DVD of Say Anything, bought for £1 in CEX. Neither of had ever seen it before but it ticked lots of boxes for us both - John Mahoney (tick), Joan Cusack (tick) and John Cusack when he was still good (tick) and we both really enjoyed it. Everything about it was good so, considering we bought it pretty much on a whim I think we had a good return on our £1 investment!
Saturday being cold but dry Nic and I decided to go out for a walk. We had a quick browse in town before picking up Tom and Paul and heading across the fields to the Saxon Mill. Having been reminded of my Smurfette dress by Denise the evening previous, I decided to wear that:
Saturday 29th January 2011
Colette Patterns Macaron dress, grey tights from Dunnes Stores and Irregular Choice Oz shoes
Clearly, I changed out of the heels before the walk through the fields. These were just for parading around town in. I'm looking forward to it being warm enough for me to wear this dress without swaddling myself in layers, because it is so cute. I wasn't initially sold on the colour but having worn it a few times now, I love it. I know I don't often wear my glasses in my photos for this blog, but Franca's post about glasses made me feel less self-conscious about wearing them in oufit shots. Still, though, I really do think my face looks totally different when I have my glasses on.
The walk over to the Saxon Mill was lovely. We go through some cornfields which, naturally enough, are totally bare at this time of year. It was pretty muddy. All the same, there was something very beautiful about the starkness of the landscape. The pub itself is, as the name suggests, a water mill and I love the approach to it from the fields:

The Saxon Mill
Usually I like to sit outside but this was obviously a foolish plan on such a cold day, so we found a table inside and spent a few hours just chatting about this and that, before walking home as the dusk fell. It was such a relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Nic and I had dinner and watched some DVDs before falling into bed tipsy (more wine) tired and happy.
Today has been similarly low-key. We had a few boring chores to do in town such as renew my season ticket and buy tinfoil, but luckily the sun was shining.
Sunday 30th January 2011
Fever Robin dress and Topshop shoes
I look very un-made-up here - probably because I broke from my usual routine of liquid eyeliner, and am wearing brown eyeliner and brown mascara. I do love this dress - it is so cosy - but it still has white dog hairs on it from Christmas! It was much more pleasant to pose for this than yesterday in the Macaron because it was actually quite warm in the sunshine! That said, I did hurry to wrap up afterwards:
Sunday 30th January 2011
Sunday 30th January 2011.
We spent a very pleasant afternoon yarning with Lysy and The Scientist. I made some rocky road, and plan to spend this evening curled up with my book, some veggie stew and yet more tea! Emma from Ol' Green Eyes kindly awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award, so if you check back tomorrow I'll do my post about that, and pass the award on to some more stylish bloggers. Until then, stay warm and don't have nightmares.