Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That pillock from Sainsbury's was on again, he's never off, him. Cooking another panful of shite that only his mates will eat.

So, yeah, I took the day off work today. Not for any devil-may-care fun reasons but because I didn't get any sleep last night. Luckily my manager was very cool about my last-minute request to use a day of my annual leave, and after a long sleep in I feel like I can salvage the rest of the day. Yes, my noisy next door neighbour was at it again. The downstairs neighbours I mentioned before are often noisy - they don't seem to understand how loud the bass is on their speakers - but the girl in the flat next door is just a spoiled little brat who doesn't care how loud she is. She's been irritating since she moved in, she can't seem to walk up the stairs without bellowing to someone on the phone about how many stairs there are to her flat (we live on the top floor) and I can always hear her coming from the front door. She makes 4am booty calls to her boyfriend and then cries, loudly, when he doesn't comply. Last night I went to sleep as normal only to be woken an hour later by her and her friends coming home from a night out, pissed and stoned. Fair enough, who hasn't made a bit of noise coming home from the pub? But she just would not quit, and after I went round and asked her to keep it down her friends thought it would be hilarious to make more noise. Nic and I ended up sleeping on the living room floor to get some peace. NOT HAPPY. I'll be phoning the letting agency today to make a complaint, but I registered a complaint of my own when I got up by playing music very loudly in my bedroom. FOLK MUSIC. That ought to have pissed her off. I know that's passive aggressive but the direct and polite approach didn't help. Wee bitch.

Sorry about that rant, my dears, but I feel better for getting it out of my system! It is nice to have an unexpected day off, and I've been reading this morning while Nic works and it's all been very pleasant. I plan to spend the afternoon planning out my sewing projects for spring, and doing a bit of reading. I thought I'd wear something comfortable for lounging around the house:
Wednesday 26th January 2011
Colette Patterns Rooibos dress, self-made, and Topshop double t-bar shoes. That's the smile of a woman who has had only had about 3 hours of sleep
I do love this dress. It was the second Rooibos I made and I still think it's a little big. I want to pay more attention to fit and tailoring in my sewing this year, but with this style of dress it isn't such an issue. I've worn this lots since I made it and needless to say I love the pockets.
Wednesday 26th January 2011
I also really love the neckline at the back - I think the way it scoops down is so pretty! I have two of these dresses and will definitely make another. I'm all in red today, wearing the third pair of red shoes I've bought this month:
Topshop doube t-bar shoes
Topshop red double t-bar shoes
These were an impulse ebay purchase on Friday evening, and they arrived on Monday. How's that for good ebaying! Clearly I didn't need them, but in my defence they will go with almost everything I own, so whatever. I'm rather partial to the double t-bar as well, it makes them that little bit more unusual.
So, other than my noisy neighbour rant up above I have been having a very uneventful week. Work has been grand, and busy, but actually pretty enjoyable. I can't tell you what a relief it is to actually be enjoying my job again. As our organisation is based in the West Midlands and many of us are facing redundancy, we're being given money to undertake training courses to boost our CVs. A few of my colleagues have decided to do the Prince2 project management course, and it's actually a really good deal. It would be expensive to pay for it yourself (I think around £1500-£2000) and of course it looks great on the CV. I have a meeting with the people who are funding us next week and I'm a bit torn - they'll pay for any training you want to undertake providing it can be completed in 20 weeks or less. So I'm trying to decide whether to take the practical option or to look at something else. My job is not under threat but I still qualify for the funding - so I don't have to worry so much just now about the practicalities and am considering a course in web design or even in sewing and dressmaking. I've got a bit of time to think about it, anyway.
Right, I'm off to have some LUNCH. Nic is very kindly making me some vegetarian sausage sandwiches. YUM! I'm off out tonight to the Sew Make Believe social, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing my lovely ladies. I may even get changed, so watch out for an outfit shot tomorrow. What an exciting life I lead, eh?!