Monday, January 17, 2011

Why should I listen to you, anyway? You're a virgin who can't drive.

Today was apparently 'Blue Monday' or somesuch - the most depressing day in the year, or something. Look it up if you like, my internet connection is being annoying and I've lost patience with trying to Google it myself! I was feeling okay when I dragged myself out of my bed this morning, although the grey skies and gloomy mist made me see how other people might have been feeling a bit low. By mid morning the sun had come out, I had some fresh coffee and a pain au chocolat and everything was looking a little bit brighter for me. I hope this Blue Monday has been kind to the rest of you as well.
I actually had a pretty good day. It was one of those where I had lots of quite boring things to do, and I had to stay later than normal to do them. But the day flew by, my to-do list was complete so I was feeling pretty smug and happy as I took myself home. Hurrah!
I have precious little in the way of news. Nic and I had another quiet Sunday. We did a bit of window shopping in the morning, going into some of the more expensive shops that I don't usually frequent. I reasoned that as I wasn't buying anything anyway, I definitely wouldn't be tempted to if the item I was looking at was more than I could usually afford anyway. Do you follow my logic? It was fun, if only for the sheer number of 'what is this exactly?' conversations we had to have. I think the worst offender was probably a 'belt' from Noa Noa that looked like the bottom half of a waistcoat. Anyhow, it was a nice thing to do on a mild Sunday. I took one of the dresses I bought when I was at home over Christmas out for a spin:
Sunday 16th January 2011
Emily and Fin Anya dress, pink tights from Pretty Polly and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes
Isn't this dress a cutie? I bought it in a little shop in my home town called Aurora. I hadn't noticed it on the rails but when neither of the dresses I took into the fitting room suited me, the owner picked this one out for me to try and I loved it. It helped, I think, that I was wearing these tights when I tried it on because they are the perfect match for the pink at the top of the dress. And, it has a secret weapon:
Sunday 16th January 2011
Pockets! Yes, I know. I am that easy to please. Like the Dita dress I wore the other day, this is a simple dress with some nice detailing around the neckline.
Sunday 16th January 2011
I like the pink and grey animal print and the pleats in that fabric. You might be able to just see the diagonal seams and the neckline comes down in the same v shape at the back as well.
Sunday 16th January 2011
And you guys know me well by now, any excuse to prance around town in my Lady Dragons and I'm going to take it! We got home just before it started to rain and had a lovely, naughty, calorific lunch of toasted bagels with fried eggs, mushrooms and baked tomatoes. YUM! We went for a walk around cold and rainy Leamington when it got dark before settling in for the evening to watch Clueless.
My dinner is nearly ready so I'm going to sign off in a minute. Before I do, though, you might notice something different about the comments. I've installed Disqus, which should in theory make it easier for me to respond to individual comments and it should make it easier for people who aren't on blogger to comment. Please let me know if it causes you any problems. Word round the internets is it can be a bit buggy but I thought it was worth a go. I'll be back later in the week, my pretties xxx