Friday, January 07, 2011

Yeah, but that was when your biggest problem was a shit pun in a newspaper and a face like Dot Cotton licking piss off a nettle.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm having an unearned lazy Friday, and enjoying my last official day of holiday before going back to work next week. Yes, I know I still have the weekend to go but a day off only counts as a day off if other people are in work. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I'm afraid I haven't been doing anything terribly exciting today because January is going to be the month of not doing very much, but all the same I feel compelled to share that with you all. That's the beauty of having a blog, I suppose!
I dragged myself out of bed a little earlier than my holiday norm this morning as I'd made plans to call round to see my friend L. When she was moving house last year my dad helped her to sort out a problem with arranging buildings insurance (Super Daddy to the rescue!) so I was really looking forward to seeing the place now she and her family have settled in. We had a lovely morning with tea, cake, and playing with her little boy and his Playmobil castle. I've talked here before about my ambivalence towards the thought of having children and that hasn't really changed. I still don't know if it's something I will ever want, but spending time with L definitely makes me think that it might be something I want at some point because her children are lovely, and she is really cool and interesting. Anyway, it was a terrific morning and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out for a bit of a walk and a bit of socialising.
When I left L's, I took myself off to the library to meet Nic. He was there doing a little bit of research for a bit of writing he wants to do. I had a quick browse around the shelves but the heat in the library was stifling so I couldn't really concentrate. Also, once I realised they didn't have the book I wanted (that new Philip Roth book. I can take him or leave him, but I think the context of the Polio epidemics is interesting) I lost interest. Luckily, Nic was finished so we were able to go and do the day's most exciting task....PAYING THE COUNCIL TAX. That's right, folks. The glamour never stops round here!
Well, that's a bit unfair actually because I think I do manage to get a bit of glamour into my everyday life. Next stop after the Post Office was the Arboretum in Jephson Gardens so we could get in some outfit shots before the light faded completely! Getting outfit shots should be a little bit easier now since my little sister donated her old digital camera. Her boyfriend bought her a snazzy pink one for Christmas, so she gave me her old one. It's good, although it did take me a while to figure out how to make it work with my little mac. Anyway, on to the outfit! As promised yesterday, here is the item I've been waiting since before Christmas for:

Fever Denver coat, KG Camara shoes and Joules Duncombe bag (of course!)
Yes, it's a coat! Probably a totally unnecessary coat as I have a fair few already. Still, I was very excited to see this little baby turn up on ebay. It's a few seasons old now, but this one is in good condition. On my first visit to the Fever shop a few years ago they were selling this coat at the ridiculously reduced price of £29 (from £120!) and I stupidly didn't buy one. I had reasons that seemed Very Important at the time, but I regretted it ever after because those reasons? They were STUPID. This one was the first one I have seen on ebay in my size. And she is finally mine, after the stupid snow meant I had to wait over a month for Royal Mail to get it the 100 odd miles from London to Leamington Spa.

I am happier than I look here...just trying not to blink. So look instead at the pretty corsage.
One of the things I really like about this coat is it's long. All my other coats finish just below my bum, so it's nice to have a long coat with a full skirt. It looks pretty nice from the back as well, I think:

Princess seams and a full skirt
I'm not ashamed to say I planned my outfit today around my other long-awaited item of post. Waaaay back at the start of December I bought a Tara Starlet petticoat from ebay with the intention of wearing it underneath that lovely Vivien of Holloway number. It was a bargainous £9 and I'm enjoying figuring out what else it'll go with in my wardrobe, like this:

Vintage dress, Marks and Spencers patent belt and Tara Starlet petticoat
I love this dress. I know everyone, everywhere, is describing every single dress as 'very Mad Men' but I think it's almost fair here. I think of this dress as my Peggy Olson dress, it's something I can imagine her in. I love the way the skirt drapes without the petticoat underneath it, and I think it looks subtly different with the skirt underneath it. Of course, it also gives me the chance to goof around like so:

Maybe I will grow up, one day....
The Arboretum is a good place for photos. I like the greenery and it's warm enough to be able to take off coats and cardigans but still get natural light! I'm lucky to have such a patient and tolerant photographer to trail around after me and indulge me

My photographer, the lovely Nic
The rest of the afternoon has been uneventful. Nic and I came home, had lunch and tidied up, and then it was time for some afternoon tea:

Afternoon tea with Hornsea
Louise gave me a sweet surprise before Christmas - a gift of a Hornsea creamer in the Saffron pattern, which she'd thoughtfully filled with peppermint creams so I thought I'd give it its first outing.

Hornsea Saffron creamer

Peppermint creams in one of my pieces of Heirloom
I've been collecting the Heirloom pattern, but now have two pieces of Saffron thanks to Louise. To eat we had the peppermint creams and some delicious banana and ginger cake, courtesy of Lysy. Now Nic is reading in the corner, listening to Charles Mingus and awaiting his turn on the computer so I shall sign off. We're off out tomorrow, weather permitting, so I may have something more interesting to share with you all then. Have a wonderful Friday evening, my dears.