Sunday, January 09, 2011

You can't be a successful dictator and design women's underclothing. One or the other. Not both.

You guys, I have found fame at last. This week has been very exciting because, not only has my photo been on the Hagan's website but Nic and I were also in the local paper! My sister emailed me the photo, I'm not sure which paper but I think it might have been the Tyrone Times. Finally, my star quality has been realised!

Nic and I in Hagan's on New Year's Eve

From the Hagan's website. This is me with my sister and my cousin. I am really pleased that the Hagan's watermark has a Santa hat on it. That is attention to detail, people!
Well, I'm back to work tomorrow. That fact isn't sucking as much as it might (although, you know, I will probably feel differently when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning and I have to get up in the dark. But still.) This is mainly because my holiday has been long and relaxing, and Nic and I have just spent a really pleasant weekend. It was murky outside and I was too gosh-darned lazy to have my planned day out on Saturday but that was okay. I stayed in my pyjamas until a disgraceful hour crocheting, drinking coffee and watching DVDs before getting dressed to go out for a stroll around Leamington with Nic. We had a few errands to run, and wanted to take a turn around the bottom of town. I was still feeling excited enough about my petticoat to want to build another outfit around it, so I wore this:Saturday 8th January 2011
Fever Daydreamer dress and Firetrap Desire shoes
I bought this dress last year on ebay but have only worn it a few times. Caroline has it too, and she commented that she thought it needed an underskirt to balance it out. She's totally right, and I think the way the skirt hangs was one of the reasons why I didn't wear it very often. You can see it on Caroline here if you'd like further proof that it looks good with an underskirt! I shall be wearing this more often, because I felt nice and princessy all day. I accessorised the dress with the beautiful necklace Kate and Rich gave me for my birthday, and the pretty Benefit lipstick I won in Emma's giveaway at Ol' Green Eyes:
Saturday 8th January 2011
I've been experimenting with velcro rollers to give my hair a bit of volume. I quite like it like this.
I got a bit of crafting done on Saturday afternoon while Nic did the washing up, and we had a really fun evening. I made curry, and then we watched one of my Christmas presents with a big bowl of home made popcorn and some gin and tonic. Nic gave me DVDs of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and Bad Day at Black Rock because I love Spencer Tracy. Last night we watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. I won't talk too much about it, because Nic is planning to write about it over on Squeezegut Alley so instead here's a picture of one of my favourite actors:

Lovely old Spencer Tracy.
Today was bright and sunny and the perfect day for a good old ramble around Leamington. I enjoy walking through the residential parts of town and looking at the variety of architecture. The sunshine meant that the town was full of smiling people, and I felt an enormous sense of well-being and optimism. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for you! We walked along to one of Leamington's hidden treasures, Lansdowne Circus. It's a beautiful little hidden close of pretty houses, with a secret garden in the middle:

The secret garden
Nic was doing some research for something he's writing, and I thought I'd take advantage of the sunshine and the pretty surroundings to get an outfit shot in natural light.
Sunday 9th January 2011
It's that coat again....
Today I wore one of the Fever dresses I bought in the Brandalley sale. The other one is on its way (they were awaiting stock, apparently) so you'll see that in due course. I was very, very pleased with the ridiculous bargain I got on these dresses. One was £13 and the other £11 and they are both still on sale at full price in some stores. On top of this, Brandalley have sent me a £10 voucher so essentially I got these dresses for £7 each. Sweet!
Sunday 9th January 2011
Fever Botanics lace dress, red cardigan from Marks and Spencer and Bertie Sardinia shoes
It was cold enough to merit a cardigan, and also I'm not totally sure about the sleeves on this dress. I might remove them so it looks more like a shift dress, what do you think?
Sunday 9th January 2011
I accessorised the dress with the beautiful necklace I won in Emma's competition:
Sunday 9th January 2011
I was also ridiculously tickled by the fact that the print has red and fuschia in it, so when it's warm enough I'll be able to wear this frock with my Lady Dragon shoes. I am so easily amused, it's not even funny. Anyhow, the walk through town was invigorating and interesting. When we got back I did some chores and got down to some more crafting. I haven't made new year's resolutions as such, but I have decided that there are lots of crafty projects I want to work on this year. One of them is underway - a stash-busting granny square blanket to get my crochet eye in again. I have a list of projects I want to make as well, starting with making another version of the Colette Ceylon dress in red as well as another Simplicity 2591. I'd also like to venture into making some clothes for Nic, and have my eye on the new Colette pattern for men - the Negroni shirt. I'm going to be saving money and staying in, so I may as well use the time to do some sewing! I'd also like to do a bit of stash-busting and find a use for some very interesting patterned cotton. So I'd expect to hear a bit more about sewing round here in 2011.
The other not-quite-resolution I've made for 2011 is to have lots of fun. That might sound a bit generic, but I lost too much of 2010 to not having fun, and I don't want that to happen again. I'm making a conscious effort to make sure to enjoy life. So, with that in mind I'm away to cuddle Nic and watch The Fugitive. Because what's more fun than Harrison Ford jumping off a reservoir? Harrison Ford jumping off a reservoir with a gin and tonic, that's what. Until next time, my friends. Goodnight!