Friday, February 25, 2011

How do you expect to run with the wolves at night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies?

So, this week was going to be the week where I got my blog on and actually did a bit of writing. It just wasn't to be, and Friday has rolled around again. I think the only thing to do is keep having the good intentions and hopefully life will stop intervening and ruining my plans, what? Still, it's Friday and I've been having a good day working from home so basically it's all good round here.

I've had a busy week. Work has been good, but I've been so busy all week. One of my colleagues left today and working with her on her handover kept me busy, as did all the other bits and pieces I've been working on. Then yesterday our secure admin room (where we store and work on confidential materials) went kaput so there was a lot of flap about that. Luckily nobody was trapped in there, but the problem still isn't totally fixed, so work is going to continue to be interesting for the next wee while, I should think.

I've been working late most evenings so haven't managed any outfit shots from this week, which is a shame because I was in the zone. I felt great all week, which was extremely pleasant! I wore my pretty Vivien of Holloway Jellybean dress on Tuesday (as I was going out for drinks after work with colleagues and friends) and it was awesome. One of my colleagues told me he thought I looked like an Andy Warhol painting, which I took as a compliment. I wouldn't have felt the same if he'd told me I looked like a Picasso (or a Monet!) There is something really fun about swishing around an otherwise quite corporate office in something really flamboyant and colourful. It makes me happy.

Actually, loads of things have made me happy this week. Apart from the occasional scowl at the wall (when that silly wee bitch next door has been making a racket) and my little twitter strop at the far-too-secure-secure-room-incident of yesterday, this week has been one big smile. For one thing, Nic and I celebrated our four-year anniversary on Wednesday. We've known each other for far longer, and in some ways it feels like forever. I'm not going to get all soppy on you all or anything here, but I am very lucky, and very appreciative of my luck. I've been floating along in a little haze of happy loveliness all week, having also had lovely messages from my sister and from one of my oldest friends as well as a beautiful letter from my girl Victoria Deloria. How's that for spoiled?!

I've also had some lovely shiny new-ness this week. Like many of my fellow Challengettes, I've made my Shoe Challenge that little bit harder for myself by buying a pair of shoes. They came from ebay, though, so my bank balance didn't have to wince too hard:

Irregular Choice Little Miss Oh shoes
I actually used to have these in a different colour. I bought them last year in turquoise and purple from the Office sale, but being a size 5 they turned out to be too big. I wore them a handful of times as the ankle strap meant that they did actually stay on my feet but I always felt like my feet looked like big ol' boats in them, so I gave them to a friend and she loves them. I did miss the shape though, so when I saw them in black on ebay I pounced. They were brand new, and only £11, and they fit perfectly. WIN. Sometimes the gods of ebay do smile. I wore them yesterday but not as part of the shoe challenge, so photos of them on my feet to follow.

Also, you might remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that I had some exciting news? The lovely people at Fever Designs asked me to review their Spring/Summer 2011 collection for their blog, and by way of thanks let me choose two of my favourite dresses to have as a present. They're working on making their blog look nice, so my review hasn't been published yet but my dresses arrived today and they are beauteous. I really enjoyed drooling over, I mean perusing the new designs so that was a treat in itself. I plan to wear both of the dresses pretty soon so I'll post a wee review of them when I do. In the meantime, if you haven't already, go and have a look at their new collection online. Beauty everywhere, I tell you!

As I said earlier I've been working from home today and while the sun hasn't exactly been blazing, there was definitely a bit of a springlike feel to the day. After a conversation yesterday on Twitter, and with plans afoot for some sewing this weekend, I thought I'd like to wear something handmade today:
Friday 25th February 2011
Friday 25th February 2011
Colette Patterns Chantilly dress, Irregular Choice Flick Flack shoes and that Joules bag again. I just love how it looks with all of my clothes, although you're probably all getting tired of looking at it.
I'm calling this as my third Shoe Challenge, so these Flick Flack shoes are saved. Again, these were ones I had to discard in a size 5 and buy in a size 4, but in a different colour. I see them in black in a 4 somewhere cheap and I am buying them. I am just mad about the foldover detail and the buttons, and the elegant shape of the heel:

I also like the way you can see a wee bit of green peeking around the sole. Cute!
I got a fair bit of work done this morning even with the excitement of new dresses, and we had a nice treat to look forward to at lunchtime - lunch in Kayal with Paul and Viv. Since it opened last year, Kayal has become one of my favourite restaurants, so it's always such a treat to go there. They have a lunch special, which is amazing in terms of value and even better in terms of tastiness:
Kayal Business Lunch - vegetarian. I think you get one meat curry if you get the non-veggie one
It was delicious, and it felt like a real treat to linger over lunch with good friends. Nic extended his lunch by going for a pint afterwards with the boys, while I came back to do some work. I'm going to have to detox a bit and have a light dinner because, as I'm sure you can imagine, I'm extremely full and extremely happy.

I'm going to be getting my sadly neglected sewing machine out tomorrow and starting one of my Walthamstow fabric makes. Nic is off to London, so I'm going to have a nice chilled out afternoon of sewing and chatting with Denise, and I might even have something to show for it at the end (the pattern looks lovely and simple, but then, who knows?!) Failing that, I'll have a living room carpet covered in scraps of thread and fabric and that nice feeling of having had a productive day. Have a lovely evening, my pretties. See you tomorrow!