Sunday, February 06, 2011

If irritating me is the jackpot, you got the job done.

Oh hai! As Flickr is always telling me, this is how to greet people in lolspeak. Yeah, thanks Flickr. So, Sunday evening yet again. I've got the flat to myself for a few hours while Nic is out at a jazz jam, so I've made some rocky road, read a bit of my book and now I'm farting around on the internet. I have not taken the laundry out of the machine or done the vacuuming, which are the two jobs I set for myself but whatever. I won't be worrying too much about the laundry when in an hour's time I'm having a cup of tea and some rocky road. It's all about perspective, people!
I've had such a fun weekend. I managed to break out of my hibernation slump with our Thursday evening dinner date with Lysy and The Scientist, and Nic and I have been very sociable all weekend. On Friday night we were off to the Somerville to celebrate Denise's birthday with a few gins. The Somerville was seriously busy because it was the popular Irish music evening but we managed to find a seat, which we eventually colonised as there was a big crowd of us folks. It was a lot of fun. It was really good to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones, as Denise had some family visiting. Nic and I finished off the evening very late with some chips and our Kate Bush records. It was awesome. As usual, I was totally over dressed for the occasion, but I enjoyed that too. I finally got around to wearing that Tara Starlet petticoat with the dress I bought it for:
Friday 4th February 2011
Vivien of Holloway halterneck circle dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes
Yes, it's that belt again. But seriously, folks, it makes EVERYTHING look better. And I love this dress so much, so it did not bother me one tiny bit that I was totally overdressed for the pub. Also, I managed not to spill any chilli sauce on it when I was eating my chips so: relief! I'm really looking forward to being able to wear this dress during the day in the warmer weather.
After our very late night on Friday (we did manage to listen to a lot of Kate Bush when we got home. And no, that's not a euphemism for something y'all don't want to hear about) I was quite up for a relaxing Saturday. After a nice long lie in, I dandered on up to the White Horse to meet Sugar Plum for the vintage fair. Oh, and I wore this:
Saturday 5th February 2011
Fever Cezanne dress and Topshop shoes
I can't think of too much to say about this outfit. I really like this dress and it's suprisingly warm - maybe it's all of the layers or something. It also works really well with these earrings:
Saturday 5th February 2011
When I had the flu at the start of the week and was feeling miserable, Nic took me out for a walk to cheer me up and he bought me these wee earrings from Lilac Rose. Aren't they sweet? He chose them himself as well. Good man.
I was pretty impressed with the fair, and I'll definitely go to more. There was a good selection of clothes and bric a brac, and also some nice handmade items. I didn't buy any clothes (I couldn't really be faffed with trying anything on) but I did manage to find myself some excellent Hornsea:

Hornsea Smarties mug and eggcups
I'm not sure when these were made, I think late 70s-early 80s. I've been looking for some for ages, so I was super happy to find some. Like a lot of Hornsea, these were produced in vast quantities so they're not especially valuable, but I love them. I really like the stamp on the bottom as well:

There were a few people selling Hornsea - mainly Heirloom jars, and I have quite a lot of these already, but I couldn't resist these. I've yet to use the egg cups, but I have had tea in my mug already. After a browse around the fair, we took ourselves off for coffee and cake and a nice long catch up, which was lovely. Nic spent the afternoon writing, and we were both feeling pretty lame and tired out (we are so not young any more) so had a really quiet evening in.
Nic and I went out this afternoon to celebrate our friend Tom's birthday. He was having a lunch in a cafe in town, but we joined them just in time for dessert. I've held a grudge against this particular cafe for many years after some assy service and a gritty smoothie, and I have to admit, the grudge is still intact. We had some cake, which was okay, and coffee as well. The coffee was fine but it was served in a glass. A hot drink in a glass is so STUPID. It looks trendy but without a handle, it's hard to drink. So, screw that place. But it was really good to see everyone. I decided to wear a dress that I've been neglecting:
Sunday 6th February 2011
Ruby Belle sailor pinafore and Irregular Choice Hermia shoes
I love this dress, it's so cute! For some reason it's been languishing, unworn in my wardrobe for ages. I'm not too keen on the boning in the bodice because it bows a little bit but at least it doesn't dig in the way it does in some other dresses. Mainly, I love the print around the bottom:

Little sailors - they always make me think of the title sequence of Jeeves and Wooster
Of course, it also gave me the excuse to wear the plastic anchor necklace that Lauren gave me. All good. And, Nic's just come home! This evening we're having tasty veggie sausage casserole, watching a film and eating that rocky road. Life is pretty good right now! So, I'm away. I do have more meaningful stuff to say but I'm going to save that for this week. It's Sunday night and I'm lazy, but I'll catch you all in the week.