Friday, February 04, 2011

That's the worst thing about working for yourself. There's nobody to steal from.

I had actually planned to blog this last night but, well, forward planning is not always my strong point. So, here we are on Friday evening. How are we all doing?
I'm pleasantly suprised by how my week managed to pick itself up after having such a crappy beginning. I've had a good work week (what remained of it after the lurgy-ness) and that always makes me feel happy. I had a really nice chat with a lovely former colleague, which perked up a work day, and my colleagues have all been in good form. In fact, one of them brought us all back some rock from Scarborough after spending most of the week there for work reasons. All good!
Yesterday I wore one of the dresses Denise very kindly lent to me
Thursday 3rd February 2011
Fever Serang sun dress, purple cardigan from Warehouse and Bertie Sardinia shoes
Naturally enough, I paired it with my petticoat to make the skirt feel nice and swishy. It did the trick, and lots of people commented on the beautiful colours of the fabric. It perfectly matched my pretty purple cardigan from Warehouse, and by a nice coincidence is also perfectly matched my nail varnish (Barry M nail paint in fuschia) All good stuff! I like the detailing around the neckline of this dress as well:
Thursday 3rd February 2011
Now this might be a bit too TMI for y'all but this dress made me feel very....bosomy. As it worked out, it didn't seem that way when I put it on in the morning but as the day progressed, well, I was buttoning up my cardigan. So I don't know if this dress would be a long-termer for me. Still, I really enjoyed wearing it and it was very kind of Denise to lend it to me!
I got home to find that some of the DVDs I ordered on Amazon had arrived and Nic made me coffee, and we settled down to watch a few episodes of Roseanne (season 5) before heading out for dinner. After January's austerity I promised Nic some tasty foody treats in the shape of a takeaway from Kayal but after some discussion with Lysy this turned into a dinner date with her and The Scientist. I brought my camera with the general plan of taking some photos, but when the food arrived I just wanted to eat it, so you're going to have to imagine! I can't rate Kayal highly enough. Every time we've been there we've had a good experience, and last night was no exception. The food is delicious and really reasonably priced and the service is personal and attentive without being intrusive. I had the masala dosa for my main course and, as well as being enormous, it was amazing! The Scientist had the Sadaya (thali) which is a banquet including dessert and the waiter brought the rest of us complimentary desserts as well. I was full to bursting when it was time to go home, but very happy. Naturally enough the quality of the company matched the excellence of the food, so I thoroughly enjoyed my evening!
I don't have an outfit shot for today because I'm wearing exactly the same outfit that I blogged about a fortnight ago (Emily and Fin dress, pink tights, Lady Dragon shoes) but as I am off out tonight to celebrate the birthday of someone special I will have an extra one to share with you tomorrow. I'll leave you with a link to Shoeperwoman - she's starting to post pictures of my fellow Shoe Challengers' shoe collections and it's verrry pretty viewing. Also, next week I'll have some more shoes to share with you all. Lauren sent me the link to Black Truffle. This was fatal, as I bought these:

Irregular Choice No Place Like Home shoes
These babies were £25! It's no wonder Lauren bought four pairs of shoes. As for me, I think Nic's going to have to confiscate my debit card. Now, I'm away to get ready. Have a lovely weekend, my darlings! x