Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At all hazards, a man must keep up appearances. Dignity, I say. Dignity above all, Governor. Hear, hear!

Hello my dears! It feels like it's been ages since I wrote a blog, but I suppose it hasn't been all that long, probably. Anyhow, here I am for your reading delight. Settle in, and settle down.

I hope it's been nice where you all are, because it's been beautiful here. The weekend was sunny and warm and ever so relaxing, which was just exactly what I needed. Part of the reason why I haven't updated recently is because I spent most of last week shrouded in a red mist of unfocused rage. It's like my default setting had switched from happy to something more like ARGAAAHHHH, you know? I can't say it's because anything in particular happened, because it didn't. But I wasn't sleeping, my heart was racing and I just felt generally anxious and uptight and tense. It definitely wasn't helped by the fact that Severn Trent were digging up our road, so each morning I was awoken at anti-social o'clock by the sounds of pneumatic drills and cutting equipment, leaving the house with a headache and getting to work feeling pissed off. So, yeah. I did think about writing a ranty blog post about everything that was pissing me off but decided against it, which is probably a good thing. I had a long talk with Nic on Wednesday night after getting especially freaked out, and spending some time with a dear friend on Friday afternoon helped to clear my head as well. I'm still very prone to stress and anxiety, I think, but I am getting better at recognising the warning signs and asking for help. Progress, I think.

Anyway, by Friday I was in MUCH better form. The sun had come out, and although I was in the office (I try to work from home on Fridays) I had a lunch date with Louise and Nic to make the day all shiny. It did make the day shiny, and so did a little post-lunch internet shopping. I'm nothing if not an emotional shopper. I'll share that with you in a bit, just keep reading. Friday night was lazy and sleepy and on Saturday morning Nic and I got some boring tasks out of the way (yes, hello paying the electricity bill) before going for a lazy pub brunch with some friends. The weather was gloriously warm so we headed out for a post-prandial stroll and ice cream in the park:

Jephson Gardens in the sunshine

Nic enjoying the sunshine

For the first time in ages it was warm enough to forgo tights and get my legs out. I enjoy wearing colourful tights in the colder weather but as soon as I can stop wearing them, I do.

Fever Spotty shift dress and Fez bolero, and red shoes from Topshop
I loved the way the deep red looked with the navy and white of the dress, but it did impede the neckline somewhat

It's blossom time
It was so nice to get out into the sunshine and for a walk, and the rest of Saturday felt like one of those happy dreams. Nic and I recreated a Relais Gascon salad for our dinner (salad topped with thinly sliced potatoes fried in butter and garlic) and watched Vertigo. It was my first time seeing Vertigo and I was blown away by it, it was disturbing and upsetting and really thought-provoking. I was especially moved by Kim Novak's performance and it's a film I'm really looking forward to revisiting.

Sunday was passed in an equally lazy fashion, with the highlight of coffee with Tom and Dave S in the afternoon and another stroll in the park. By Sunday evening I was feeling completely relaxed and ready for a week at work, which is always good. This week is going to be a busy one and, in addition to what I would have been doing already I have picked up an extra project so that's going to keep me out of trouble. Mondays always pass by in a blur, and today was no more civilised but I did get to debut the frock I bought online on Friday from Call Me Betty, which arrived yesterday. I've wanted one for ages, and after realising that my bank balance was in a healthier state than I imagined it to be on Friday morning I did the only sensible thing and bought one of Betty's frocks. I'm glad I did this before the electricity bill arrived, but anyway. I have to say, I was not disappointed because the frock is gorgeous and comes with an adorable little ribbon brooch to wear with it. It arrived really quickly, and is so beautifully made that I'll be treating myself to another one before too long.
Tuesday 22nd March 2011
Call Me Betty Grace in Stars dress, Bettie Page belt and Irregular Choice mermaid shoes
Please excuse my slight bleary-eyed-ness here, but this is the face of a woman who has had just about all she can take of electronic filing.
Tuesday 22nd March 2011
This one is slightly better, I think
I'm a sucker for a circle skirt, and I just love the little stars all over this. The bodice is boned front and back, and the back boning comes right up to my shoulder blades so it took me a little while to get used to that, but it's not uncomfortable and I suppose it discourages me from slouching. The little attention seeker in me really appreciated the impact this dress had - a number of my colleagues commented on it, and a nice young man stopped me in the street to say he thought the dress was pretty. Result!
My darling Nic has just put our dinner in the oven (Nigella's Double Potato and Halloumi bake, if you're wondering) so I'm off. I'll leave you with a picture that will hopefully be representative of the rest of my week.