Monday, May 23, 2011

Do you think I'm... SPOOKY?

Evening all, my pretties! I hope none of you got blown away during today's epic winds. Needless to say, I did not. I was safely bored in our office, watching the horizontal rain whipping across Coventry while I worked on YET ANOTHER SPREADSHEET. Still, at least they have finally sorted out the damn heating so, while my brain is melting my body is fine. Yup, it's going to be one of those weeks.

Helpfully, though, I had an awesome weekend and that should get me through at least the first half of this week. I worked from home on Friday on a spreadsheet (w00t) but I was just glad to be working from home because Thursday at the office stressed the shit out of me. I came home in an absolutely foul mood, and ended up bursting into tears in a ball on my bed. It sucked, and all I wanted to do was pull the blanket over my head and tell the world to piss off. I didn't do that, instead I washed my face and headed out to see my friend L. The walk in the lovely Spring evening picked me up a bit, but what definitely did it was a) the excellent company, b) the wine and c) the two gorgeous pairs of shoes L gave me. Chats + wine + shoes = win, right? I ambled home, picking Nic up from the pub on the way and so I was gently hungover and much happier on Friday morning. You'll see the shoes when I wear them, by the way. They're very pretty.

On Friday night were were joined by Lauren and Rick for the least classy dinner party ever - chips from Lansdowne chippy, lots of wine and cheese and pudding. It was so much fun, I honestly can't remember when I last laughed quite so hard. We were up late and, as a result, had the longest lie in ever on Saturday. I mean, Nic didn't see the a.m at all. It was just that sort of day, and I'm really grateful to be able to just drop out for a day. We did surface briefly to take in some of the sunshine before the world ended, and I wore another one of my Vivien of Holloway sale purchases:
Saturday 21st May 2011
Vivien of Holloway purple rose dress, Max C belt, Irregular Choice Cortesan shoes and that little Cath Kidston purse was a gift from the girls at Aspire Style
Yeah. It was windy! Thankfully the layers of petticoats meant that the townspeople of Leamington didn't actually have to see my knickers, which I'm sure was a relief for them.
Saturday 21st May 2011
I want more of these dresses. MOAR DRESSES.
This dress was a second, so it was quite cheap and I initally bought it thinking that I could sell it on ebay - it was a second because of a little stain on the bodice, which came out immediately I applied the stain remover. It's not going on ebay, though. This one's a keeper, isn't it?
Irregular Choice Cortesan shoes
Irregular Choice Cortesan shoes

I'm declaring this one for Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge. The first time I wore these shoes, they ate my feet. They did not the second time round. It might be because their appetites were satisfied, it might be because I remembered to use the anti friction blister stick stuff before I put them on. Either way, I think I have forgiven them.

To balance out the supreme laziness of Saturday, I was up bright and early on Sunday to go to CJ's Boot fair with Zoe and Lysy. It was grey and cold and a bit grim, so I wasn't much in the mood for rummaging but I would go back. I much preferred our next stop, the Discover Vintage fair in the Pump Rooms. Zoe and I spent the best part of two hours prowling around the many stalls, and we both came away happy. I'm sure she'll blog about her purchases, and I was quite restrained, limiting myself to a really adorable navy 50s frame handbag. There was a really nice vibe at the fair, and some of the stalls were really excellent. Fellow Sew Make Believe member Amy had an excellent stand and I'm really looking forward to her vintage fair in a July (visit her blog for details.) We finished off by a rummage in the charity shops, before Zoe headed home. I went home, had some lunch and got down to some housework and some serious sofa time. The very relaxing weekend set me up for what is going to be a very busy and stressful work week. I will try to check in with you all during the week, but for now I'm off to eat some veggie chilli nachos and watch a DVD with Nic.