Monday, May 16, 2011

People aren't going to want to buy batteries from Pa if they think Ma is back there in the freezer hanging from a meat hook!

Hello strangers! It feels like it's been an age since I last blogged even though it's only been about a week, but to be honest I've just not been feeling it. I've been so up and down this past week or so there was a good chance that if I sat down to blog it'd come out a bit of an incoherent mess, so I didn't. Also I've been totally bored with my wardrobe (which I know is really stupid given that I have approximately twelfty three and a half million choices) so not feeling outfit shots BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I swear this isn't going to all be really moany and stuff because I think I've got that out of my system.

And actually, although some things this week have sucked there have been lots of cool things going on too so I think I'll share those with you. Well maybe I'll get one quick moan out of the way which is that last week I damn near melted in our stupid office. It's a brand new schmancy building with some sort of fancy heat regulation system but it doesn't work, and for the past 8 months they've been digging the front of the building up to try to fix it. Monday and Tuesday last week were totally ridiculous, and by Wednesday the heat on our floor had reached 23 degrees. And you can't open the window unless building management does it, because it has to be done electronically, and they refused to open the windows because they said they had the air conditioning on and that would work soon. Balls. Well, it took until Friday to work and although I wasn't in the office I spoke to a colleague who was who said it was so cold that her hands had turned BLUE. So, that was pretty rubbish. Work is also quite stressful at the moment, and I found myself having a panic attack in a meeting on Wednesday afternoon due to a combination of heat, tiredness and just general freaking out at how crap my job is actually going to be over the next few months. Still, I am very lucky to have a secure job and once I got outside and had some fresh air and phoned my dad I was feeling much calmer, but still. The first half of last week bit, basically. Oh also my new shoes chewed up my feet. They're all better now, and the shoes are so pretty that I have forgiven them, but it bloody hurt at the time:
Tuesday 10th May 2011
Taken on Tuesday after work, which is why I look like an ice cream that's been dropped on a sunny pavement. Fever Dita dress and Irregular Choice Cortesan heels, they love to eat your feet. But at least your feet get to look nice in the process.
Despite the insane heat, sore feet and general bokeyness of Tuesday I did feel pretty awesome in this dress all day. You just can't beat that colour to make you feel all sparky.

My week took a turn for the better when I left work on Wednesday. I had a post-work coffee date with my Sugar Plum, which was awesome and much needed. I love spending time in big groups but it's hard to beat one on one time with your friends, and I could feel my blood pressure drop and my heart rate slow back down to normal from just hanging out in the pub with a good friend. Nic joined us after a while and treated me to a totally medicinal glass of sancerre and then an even more medicinal bag of chips. I am such a classy girl, no?! This was the start of my downward spiral into pub addiction. Thursday night I was back in the pub (a different pub) for a few glasses of vino and a catch up with Lucy, followed by a dance with Nic. Friday was the day of two pub visits as we had a lunchtime pie date at the Somerville. It's Leamington's best pub anyway, and now they sell Pie Minister pies. What's not to love?! We were back there that evening to celebrate N's birthday, for more wine and maybe a spot of impromptu flamenco dancing by Caroline and Sugar Plum. It was very late by the time I got to bed so I was feeling a wee bit tired and emotional on Saturday, cheered up immensely by a spontaneous trip to Bicester village with Sugar Plum and a bit of charity shop shopping. I was very good at Bicester and didn't buy anything apart from a sandwich, but it was good fun - I'll be back when I have some funds. However, I have enjoyed good charity shop success this week, scoring two Fever dresses for £10 each! I'll show you more of those at a later date but it was very satisfying. They were in two different charity shops as well - I wonder if there is someone going around Leamington, donating dresses in all the charity shops. That's a nice dream!

So, that's my exciting news, and I do use the word 'exciting' loosely. I'll be more craic this week though, I swear. I can feel it in my bones that it's going to be a better week. And I'm going to start buying ice lollies on my way to work, just in case.