Monday, June 06, 2011

I mean, Lionel Richie's never even been to Wythenshawe, has he?

Wow, so the sun went away just in time for it to be Monday. Nice one, sun! I woke up this morning feeling verrrry sleepy and confused, having had a weird dream of a dystopian future in which I was in a work camp run by Daleks. I don't know what it says about my subconscious that Indiana Jones swung in to save the day, but whatever. I won't go into details because other people's dreams are boring, right? It meant that, even after my alarm went off for the second time I hadn't woken up so I've been drifting through today in a sleepy haze.

The rest of my weekend after my last blog post was really lovely. On Saturday night, Nic and I went out to play in the park and get the last of the sunshine.

That evening, we watched The Thin Man and drank cocktails. It would have been fitting to drink martinis (shaken to waltz time, naturally) but a sad and shameful lack of gin in our house saw us drinking sea breezes instead. The presence of grapefruit juice makes it feel like a health drink rather than an alcoholic beverage and that's fine by me, folks.

Sunday morning got off to a lazy start, and Nic and I decided to make the most of the remaining sunshine by walking out to Warwick. It feels like ages since we've been there, which is a shame because I always enjoy the walk such a lot. Our route took us over the river and onto Smith Street, home to Aspire, a new (but closed on Sunday) vintage shop, and two excellent second hand bookshops. Both were closed, but I am halfway tempted to go back to buy this:
Lovely GIRLS
Lovely GIRLS.

Of course, they all have lovely bottoms. With Karen in mind, I posed for an outfit shot on some steps:

Sunday 5th June 2011
Fever Maisy dress and Fez bolero, red belt from a charity shop and red jelly shoes from Miss Selfridge

I haven't tried some Mr Majeeka style do, here, it was windy! After buying those enamel anchor earrings on Saturday I felt the need to continue the nautical theme and throw in my necklace as well. It's all a bit much, but why the hell not, I reasoned. I do adore this dress, which came from the sample rail in the Fever shop on my very first visit there. The jelly shoes are a rare pair of flats, bought to be practical enough to paddle in the sea but pretty enough to wear as part of a proper outfit. Truth be told, I'd forgotten I even had them so finding them under the sofa was a bit of a win. Anyway, this outfit was a nice dose of retro fun and it had a skirt long enough for sitting on the grass. Nic and I walked down through the (small) bit of Warwick castle that you can get into without paying. It's a shame it's so expensive and commerical, because it's a pretty neat castle. Still, though, we did get some pretty photographs:
It wasn't actually this spooky, I was just playing with the vignette settings on my phone
I love this walkway - it's always cool and dark and mysterious

The wind was picking up by the time we sat down to have our picnic in St Nicholas Park but we were able to find a sheltered spot with a view of the river
The boathouse

I was glad of my flask of coffee as it got colder but it was worth having a picnic, if only to enjoy the truly bizarre sigh of the giant swan-shaped pedelo drifting up and down the river. From where Nic and I were sitting, you could only see its head and it was surreal to say the least.

We walked back across the river, pausing on the bridge to enjoy one of England's finest views

Taking the long route home, past Myton hamlet and along the canal, was a perfect end to our lovely walk.
Bear family at Myton school
Grand Union Canal
Bill Posters is innocent - I've been meaning to photograph this for ages, it's one of my favourite bits of grafitti in town!

It was good to get home and feel pleasantly tired after a long walk, and all I needed to complete the evening was a glass of wine and an episode of Inspector Morse. And I don't even care if that makes me sound ready for middle age, because whatever. I'm too old to be out raving these days anyway, so ner.

That's your lot for this evening my pretties, I'm away to cook the dinner and write a letter to a very special girl of mine. See you all soon xx