Friday, August 05, 2011

You try and hurt Mozart, and you're gonna get a bullet in your head courtesy of Butch Cassidy

Hello my loves! After a grey and rainy few days weather-wise and mood wise, the sun has come back out and my mood has improved a lot. So that's good, although Wednesday night was a bit of a low point when we were woken up at 3 in the morning by a couple having a screaming row outside our window. It was so grim, you guys. I won't repeat it here, but the man was an absolute animal and he was so angry he was thumping cars and threatening the people that were shouting down to him to shut up. After they finally moved on, an alarm started going off and continued for about an hour, and in the middle of it all I looked at my emails and got some news that made everything seem doubly bleak. So, yeah. That was a low point.

But, you know, something always comes along to pick things up. On Thursday I finished my Sewaholic Lonsdale dress. I started following the Sewalong but I was enjoying sewing it so much that I kind of raced ahead - I plan to make more of these dresses though, so the sewalong posts will be very useful in future. This pattern is great - it's graded as easy and it really is. There are only seven pattern pieces and no complicated techniques to have to master, but the shape of the dress is so unusual that it looks quite sophisticated, I think.
Sewaholic Lonsdale dress pattern envelope

Sewing this was lovely, and sitting down at my sewing machine is always a good way to work out stress because my mind just clears itself. It's brilliant. Of course, it's always a thrill when I finish a dress as well! After finishing up my dress, Nic and I went out for a pub dinner with some good friends, which was a tonic as well. Disappointingly, 5 out of 7 of us couldn't get what we had ordered because they had run out! Still, what we did have to eat was nice, and of course it's always fun to hang out with some of my favourite folks. I think that's what chased the blues away for good.

I'm not at work today, and as the sun had some out I was very excited to rock my new frock:
Friday 5th August 2011
My Sewaholic Lonsdale dress with Irregular Choice Oz shoes

This dress came together in a few hours and it fits really well around the waist. I'll definitely make it again, but I'll make the bodice a little smaller the next time. Still, for a summery dress this is a winner. I really love the neck detail - I find halter necks often give me a headache, but this dress gives that flattering shape with a really lovely detail at the back:

Sewaholic Lonsdale back detail
The bow is a little flattened here. It does look better in real life!

Also, this dress has pockets. Pockets, for gosh sakes! You know I can't resist pockets:
Friday 5th August 2011

My sister is considering this dress for her bridesmaid dresses, and I think it would look really beautiful sewed up in more formal fabric. I'm definitely going to make some more between now and then, though. For practice!

Friday 5th August 2011
There is no doubt that a new dress is a great help in all circumstances

The dress takes a lot of fabric because the skirt is so full, but it's totally worth it, because the skirt is so adorable. Yes, overall I am VERY happy with this make!

I'm off now to enjoy the rest of my afternoon by reading a book in the sunshine. Then I'm off to enjoy some free wine at a wine focus group (I know, right?!) and then to the pub. I've a day out with Lysy and Zoe planned for tomorrow, and then a marathon of The Office: An American Workplace with Kate in the evening. So I'll be back on Sunday, I guess, with some more dresses and whatever thoughts happen to be in my head. Have an excellent weekend, my darlings!