Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dangerous, tacky, sharks, haunted. No.

Evening all, happy weekend! After a very busy week, I'm making the most of not having much planned for this weekend. Nic and I have been having a lovely, lazy day and tonight we're going to watch The 39 Steps with a curry and a bottle of wine. Robert Donat and Sauvignon Blanc - a good combination, as far as I'm concerned.

As I say, this week has been really busy and poor old Nic has been suffering with a cold. He's feeling more himself now, but he's still sniffling and sneezing. I have to confess that the sudden drop in temperature and Nic's cold made us both a bit grumpy this week and it was a bit of a struggle for me to want to leave the house and do anything. What did finally drive me out of the flat was the fact that I'm too tight to put the heating on yet, so almost anywhere was warmer than Clackett Towers this week! I'm still determined not to put the heating on until at least November. I know that sounds a bit foolhardy but we have electric storage heaters and they're expensive, and they're a bit all or nothing - so it's not even like we could have them on just to take the chill out of the air. It's heat or no heat. It's really the only complaint I have about our flat - it's so cold in here in the winter! Well, that and the noisy bastard who lives in the flat below us. But that's a story for another day.

My week started to pick up a bit by Thursday when I was working in our office in London. Although I was pretty grumpy about having to get up early, by the time I got into London the sun was shining and it was an absolutely beautiful day. The office is in Westminster and from my desk I had an amazing view of both Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament - which was pretty special on such a gorgeous day. My work day went well (well, ish - some bitch stole my meeting room booking) and before I took the train home, I had time to do a wee bit of shopping at Fever and also at 52 Greek Street. Nic and I had dinner and a few drinks with Lauren, which was the perfect way to end a really fun day. It was much needed because Friday in the office was pretty stressful and very busy. Relaxation was the order of the evening when I got home, and I spent last night with chips, a bottle of cava, a blanket, Nic, and a DVD of Space Cowboys. Yeah. It was excellent.

Similarly nothing exciting to report about today except that the sun was shining and I wore a pretty frock when Nic and I went out for a walk in town and to do the shopping:

Saturday 22nd October 2011
Emily and Fin Lizzie dress, Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes and cardigan from H&M

PIGEON TOES! I'm not actually pigeon-toed, not sure what was going on here! I bought this dress from 52 Greek Street on Thursday. I've had my eye on it for aaaaaages and have been waiting to spot it in my size on sale somewhere, and 52 Greek Street kindly obliged yesterday. It's obviously not exactly winter-appropriate, but it was mild enough today to get away with it. The print is quite 80s, but I like it, and I love the shape of the dress - it has these super-flattering little pleats on the hips. Lovely.

Fabric detail - Lizzie dress
Close-up of the print.

I've got a bit behind with outfit shots recently, which is a shame because I have some really lovely frocks to parade around in. I'm sure I'll get caught up somehow, but in the meantime here's a little sneak preview for you all:

Lots of navy and pink in here...Cute as a button

Finally, before I sign off I'd just like to remind anyone who fancies joining me and Karen in raising a glass or two at our Bombshell Meetup this coming Saturday (29th October) drop me a line at It's going to be fun, and there will be cocktails and maybe chip sandwiches too. I like to keep it classy, don't you know.