Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Dressember Day 22
I've been having another lovely lazy day today. Hurrah for the holidays! I slept in this morning - but really I overslept a bit, as I've been fuzzy-headed all the rest of the day. After a quick breakfast I got dressed and headed out with Daddy, who had some errands to run up in Ballygawley and Fintona. Before we went he kindly took a photo of my outfit:

Thursday 22nd December 2011
Emily & Fin Anya dress, pink tights from Pretty Polly and Firetrap Desire shoes

I love this dress so much, and I don't think it ever photographs as well as it looks. I bought it in a shop in Dungannon last Christmas when I was shopping with Hairdresser Sister and it was in the sale, and the sales lady picked it out to match these exact tights. I wore it to work a few weeks ago and MH called me Captain Cavewoman because of the animal print at the top, but otherwise I don't think it has that vibe. It was my first Emily & Fin dress, and as it turns out, the first of many!

The spin out to rural Tyrone with Daddy was really nice. The weather is grey and damp, but the countryside is so beautiful and it's always good to spin about in the car and chat. On the way home we stopped at Suitor Gallery in Ballygawley for a wee look in the shop and a coffee in the shop. I bought Baby Sister a lovely polka dot cake stand as a housewarming gift, and Daddy treated me to coffee and a mince pie scone:

The coffee was too sweet but the scone was amazing. When I got home, Baby Sister and I headed into town for a wander and a bit of Christmas shopping. I got a wee bit more Christmas shopping and she and I both bought a pair of shoes. I don't have a picture of hers, but they're understated and elegant. Mine, not so much...

Baby Sister

Gaudy as hell, aren't they?! But I love them. My mum was less impressed, but as I was modelling them for her with pink tights I don't think she got their full effect. She did say I was not to wear them to Emma's wedding, but that's fair enough! I know these shoes would get side-eye from a Vegas Drag Queen, but I love them. Good old Solo Dungannon, it often has a shoe bargain for me. I wish I had more room in my luggage...

Now, this evening is going to be a quieter affair. I'm looking forward to more trashy TV and some quality time spent with my book club book:

I might hate this. I think there's a good chance I will. But it is undemanding and therefore perfect for the holiday. Adieu, my dears. Until tomorrow!