Monday, December 05, 2011

It's bad. It's really bad. It's like eating a circle of hot garbage.

Dressember Day 5: The saga continues...

Evening all! A short post this evening, because I've had an exhausting day. My pay issues are still unresolved and are unlikely to be until the end of the month. I'll be paid as normal then, but will have to wait for the tax office to be able to confirm my proper tax code before I'll get my money back for this month. It's a bit frustrating, but it could be worse. Still, I wish it was resolved. I hate the idea of it dragging on.

Anyway - other than that, today has been okay. I was pretty stressed when I got home, so settled down to some sewing. I was able to set my sewing machine up on the table and I have to admit, it was lovely to sew with the lights of the Christmas tree twinkling away. I'm making a skirt for a friend and it's pretty straightforward, and I found sewing it to be very therapeutic. Nic did the washing up and cooked the dinner, and we'll be off to bed soon to catch up with University Challenge and Young Apprentice on the BBC iplayer. I know I shouldn't be counting down the days until the Christmas holidays, but I totally am.

I didn't manage to get a picture of my outfit in daylight, so here's my first slightly blurry, red-eyed photo of Dressember.

Monday 5th December 2011
Fever Tonga sundress, pink cardigan from H&M and those pink Topshop shoes again

I bought this frock in the Fever sale in the summer - I was sent the Tonga halter to review and I loved the fabric so much I wanted a dress I could wear more often. Again, this is a summer dress but with a cardigan and a slip underneath it was warm enough for this cold day. Well, I did wear my scarf as well but that's just because the meeting rooms in our office are so cold!

Right. It's bedtime for me. I'll be brighter and cheerier tomorrow, just you wait and see!