Friday, December 23, 2011

People assume I'm great at golf, but like everybody I hated golf lessons when I was a kid so, I used to just hang out with the sailing club instead. Got my knot on.

Dressember Day 23
I'm a bit later this evening, because the internet briefly stopped working at my parents' house, and it took nearly an hour on the phone to their crappy provider to get it sorted. Sigh. Anyway, obviously Daddy did get it sorted and now I'm free to mess about on the internet - well, as long as I can get the big dog down from the sofa long enough to do anything. He looks like the hound of the Baskervilles but he's as soft as anything and very affectionate and excitable. Dog ownership doesn't appeal to me at this stage in my life, but my parents' dogs are darlings and it's all part of the fun of being at home.

Today is Baby Sister's birthday and we had a few things to do. In the morning I went grocery shopping with my mum and it wasn't totally horrendous. It was grand, in fact. Of course I was dying to get wearing my new shoes even though they don't really go with any of the frocks I have home with me. I did, and I have to report that the old biddies of Dungannon (and later, Portadown and Tandragee) were most complimentary about them, stopping me to comment on them! My mum was most bemused.
Friday 23rd December 2011- with Baby Sister
Fever Cezanne lace dress and Irregular Choice Flick Flack shoes , with Birthday Girl Baby Sister

Friday 23rd December 2011
My handsome brother took my photos for me today - thank you Dangs!

Not much story attached to this dress, except to say that the flash makes it seem much shinier than it actually is. I tried this dress on when it was first in store but wasn't pushed on it, but it's because it sizes up really big and my usual size was massive on me. One day when I was having a stressful day I popped into the shop at lunchtime and there it was, on sale, but only in a smaller size, which fit me much better. Mind you - and not that all of my dress memories are boke related - but when I wear this dress I think about the day I bought it and how I was so ill that I boked on the train on the way home. Miserable, but a gorgeous dress. And while it doesn't really go with these shoes, nothing actually will - which means everything will. At least, that's what Roisin logic dictates.

After the grocery shopping, Baby Sister and I headed to Portadown for lunch and a last bit of Christmas shopping and then on to The Bridal Court in Tandragee for a bridesmaid dress fitting. I can't show you my dress because the wedding isn't for a while, and the one I tried on isn't in the right colour anyway, but it was gorgeous and we had such a nice time. After a quick stop into the Linen Green in Moygashel it was on home for birthday cake and coffee. Tomorrow we'll be doing a bit of running around and visiting, and I'm looking forward to it so much - I love Christmas eve with my folks.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, all!