Sunday, February 19, 2012

You had a lot of sassy things to say about my clothes steamer, too. But didn't those snow peas taste delicious?

Hello my loves! I hope you've all had a very good weekend. After my blues of last week, I was more or less determined to turn those blues rosy pink and, for the time being anyway, I have succeeded. I was working in London on Thursday and in Coventry on Friday, and by Friday afternoon I was feeling tired and a little bit irritable. A dinner of halloumi and salad and I was ready for the pub with friends.
Bettie Page Jazmin dress and Melissa Amazonas sandals

Flash face! I love this dress, but it's impractical for the cold weather because it's too fitted to layer up. It was so mild on Friday night that I was more than comfortable in it, and I was happy to say hello to an old friend. The pub was brilliant - just a few good friends, a couple of drinks and lots of chats. I finished the night off with a mug of peppermint tea and talking over the evening with Nic in bed, and the blues were thoroughly chased away!

Saturday was rainy but mild, and Nic and I were in the happy position of having no plans at all for the day. We did a wee bit of spring cleaning, put together some bags of books and clothes for the charity shop, and ventured out for a dander through rainy Leamington. Just because I could, I got a bit dressed up:
Limb Great Outdoors Retro dress and Bertie Sardinia shoes - accessorised there with bags for the charity shop and an H&M umbrella!

I always say "oh, I love this dress" about all of my dresses, and it's always true, but I am actually a little bit in love with this dress from Limb. I wrote about these dresses last year on About Your Dress and I've had a hankering for one ever since so when I was at 52 Greek Street at lunchtime on Thursday, I succumbed. At full price these frocks are very expensive, and more than I can really countenance spending on a dress. Half price convinced me, though and I'm glad it did. This dress is beautifully, beautifully handmade. Needless to say, I love the Alexander Henry Great Outdoors fabric, which is covered in sassy ladies frolicking by a lake and in a log cabin:

The dress came with a self-matching fabric belt, which is very cute. I also love the horsehair braid in the hem, which gives the skirt a gorgeous shape. I wore it with a petticoat on Saturday, and also with a little green cardigan from Phase Eight:
I just can't wait to wear this dress again!

Nic and I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon reading, listening to jazz and drinking tea. It was bliss! Together we baked a banana and fruit cake, and in the evening we watched a few episodes of Fringe. All very relaxing and eminently enjoyable.

Today, the sky looked like this over Leamington:
Apparently (according to Twitter, right) there was a bit of snow elsewhere in the midlands overnight. It wasn't exactly warm in Leamington, but it wasn't cold either so I decided to pack away my deep winter clothes and to unpack my spring clothes. I know that's maybe a wee bit optimistic, and I might not wear some of the dresses for another couple of weeks, but it made me feel happy, even though it meant A LOT of ironing! I reacquinted myself with some old friends:
Nic and I went for a walk through the park, sitting in the weak spring sunshine to eat pretzels. We haven't done much else today, apart from my mammoth ironing stint. We did do one very exciting thing, though, which was to book some flights to Orlando! In four weeks we'll be jetting off to spend a week in Winter Park. Nic is giving a paper at a conference at Rollins College, as well as giving a lecture on jazz so we're treating the week as a bit of a holiday. It's been in the works for a while, but it didn't feel real until the flights were booked and now they are. I cannot WAIT. I've never been to America before, and until this evening I hadn't really allowed myself to think of the things we could do when we're there in case it didn't come off. So now you can be sure that I'm going to spend the next few weeks researching things like where are the best flea markets in Orlando, how much it is into the Kennedy Space Centre (which I am, like, RIDICULOUSLY excited about) and what the weather is going to be like.

Anyway. It's Sunday night and I have to be up disgustingly early for work tomorrow so I shall leave you here - but I'll be back later in the week.