Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I think we might have noticed a corpse on the floor when we were getting changed - Me Made May 2012 outfits 4, 7 and 8

I had to go back through my flickr stream and check today, because I suddenly thought I must have miscounted my Me-Made-May outfits - it turns out that I had forgotten to post about one last week. DERP DERP. Anyway, here is the one I missed from my last round-up:

Me Made May 2012 outfit 4, Wednesday 9th May 2012: Simplicity 2591 made from Joel Dewberry Majestic Oak fabric and worn with necklace from Aspire Style, red shoes from Topshop and Ness Ebony bag 

I've made four Simplicity 2591 dresses - two in this design and two in another. That might seem excessive, but this really is a great pattern to work from and I think each version I have made looks so different. This dress doesn't get as much love as some of my other handmade dresses which is a shame, because it is jolly to wear and it is nicely finished and it fits well and all of that. I did think after I wore it on Wednesday that I must wear it more often. I think it's the fabric that makes me feel conflicted. I'm not at all sold on the colour - it photographs more yellow than it actually is in real life, and I find it hard to accessorise. Additionally, the fabric was a gift and not something I would have chosen for myself, and it has less-than-positive associations for a variety of reasons. Still, I love the print, which reminds me of a Churchill dinner set my parents had when I was a child:

Anyway, it was cold last week so I wore this with my now-in-the-laundry white cardigan, and the yellow of the dress does look good with my red shoes from Topshop:

So, in summary, despite having somewhat conflicted feelings about this dress I will endeavour to wear it more often.

So, I showed you the me-mades I wore over the weekend so let's fast-forward to this week! I was at the seaside over the weekend and had been going for a bit of a nautical theme because, why not. I think I unconsciously carried this forward into what I wore to work on Tuesday:
Me Made May 2012 outfit 7, Tuesday 15th May 2012 - Colette Patterns Sail Away Ceylon and Irregular Choice No Place Like Home heels, worn with a plastic anchor necklace which was a gift from Lauren

When I initially counted up my handmade items in my head at the end of April I forgot to include this so when I remembered it I was all "YESSSSS" because I really, really love this dress. You can't quite see in the photo above, but the print is polka dots and anchors, and I went ahead and added polka dot buttons:

The anchor necklace is a wee bit long for the neckline of the dress, but I couldn't really resist it anyway. Also, for anyone keeping count, yes those ARE my second pair of red sequined shoes of Me Made May. I love me some loud shoes, is all I can say to that. Anyway, one of the things I really like about this dress is that it's one of the least home-ec looking of my hand-made dresses, even with the novelty print.

That brings us to today. The sun finally came out in Leamington, and it was much needed - I'd had a fairly shitty day at work yesterday, even with my fabulous frock on. I did manage to get out of the right side of bed this morning and put on something colourful to jolly myself along:

Me Made May 2012 outfit 8, Wednesday 16th May 2012: Simplicity 2591 and Irregular Choice Oz shoes

Another Simplicity 2591! I do think this is my last one of Me Made May, though. I made this one from a vintage curtain I bought at a fair, and I blogged about it here when I made it last year. I haven't worn it for a while and I was really pleased with it when I put it on this morning - it's really well made! I'm standing a bit weirdly here because my friend SJ was taking these photos in the stairwell at work and I felt a bit awkward, but it's a really good fit. I love the fabric. It's SO LOUD. It seems like pretty much everything handmade in my wardrobe is made in some sort of novelty print, but I can live with that. The only thing for it was to wear it with equally loud Irregular Choice shoes, of course.

And that's your lot for this evening! I'm nearly finished my second Hazel dress (zip and hem, then it's done) and came home to find some exciting post:

So, that's my weekend sorted out! Thanks to the wonderful SJ for taking the photos for me, and tune in later in the week for my post about my seaside weekend.