Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Laugh all you like, lady, but after a month of eating cockroach you will be begging for gerbster - Me Made May outfits 9 - 12

Holla to you, fellow me-maders and readers! I'm just recovering from a few days of feeling unwell, and spending yesterday in bed. I can't honestly say that the all-day "team day" I attended on Monday made me ill, but I'm sure it didn't help either. Sigh. I have been well enough today to actively enjoy the good weather so it's all good really. So anyway, on to a wee round up of my me-mades over the past week:

Thursday 17th May 2012, outfit 9 - Cod Afrique Hazel dress and Irregular Choice Little Miss Oh shoes

I wore this to work last Thursday and it was the first time I had paired this dress with these shoes and I was childishly delighted by the fact that they match so well. You can't see it in the photo but the stitching on the shoes is blue. Don't all rush to tell me I'm lame because I knows it. I do love this fabric and this dress is great to wear to work but I probably wouldn't use such a stiff fabric for this pattern again because it does tend to blouse out around the gathers. Ah well, not everything has to be totally flattering, does it?

Colette Patterns Parfait dress, pink shoes from Primark and Cath Kidston satchel

I really don't like the photos of me in this dress, major derp time. This dress is cute as you like but it just hates being photographed, please trust me that it does look better on. Still, I'm not really enjoying it on me so I think I'll donate it to someone else who'll look fabulous in it. Anyway, I wore it for most of Saturday until it got too cold to wear a cotton sundress so I put my pyjamas on. I do love the shoes, though, which were a present from Nic.

Monday 21st May 2012, outfit 11 - Colette Patterns Chantilly dress and Irregular Choice Flick Flack shoes

I wore this to work on Monday for our team day. I was already starting to feel majorly cruddy, hence the rabbit-in-headlights expression here. Not much to say about this dress as I wear it loads and I love it. It's holding up so well, and it always attracts lots of compliments. I've worn it with these shoes lots of times, because they're the obvious match and I love any excuse to wear them. A colleague pointed out (not unkindly) that they look like elf shoes but I think that's only made me like them more.

 Wednesday 23rd May 2012, outfit 12 - Colette Patterns Amber Hazel and Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes

A new dress! And another Colette, making this roundup a quartet. This is the first time I have sewn with stripes, but it's a bit of a cheaty one, because pattern matching was minimal on this make. The fabric is a polycotton I bought a few weeks ago from Ditto. It creases like nobody's business, but then the creases drop out quickly so it's all good. I don't have much to say about the construction - I lined the bodice as I did with the Cod Afrique Hazel above. It only took a few hours from cutting out to hemming and it's been so comfortable and chic to wear today. I love the way the stripes look on the bodice:

Yeah, I wasn't so long awake when this photo was taken and it was bright!

Being as this dress combines mint green and stripes, I named it after fellow blogger and friend, Amber.

Having had a grey weekend and being ill means that life has been pretty quiet over the past week or so. I had last Friday off work, which was excellent. The sun briefly appeared and Nic and I were able to have our lunch in the park. I spent the afternoon pottering around and sewing and while I didn't wear a me-made outfit, I did try to keep with the theme and wore another handmade dress:
Friday 18th May 2012 - Moxia Aloha dress and wedges from Internacionale

I bought this dress from Zegerman and Lusky on Greek Street in Soho when I was passing through London a few weeks ago. If you find yourself at a loose end in the west end you could do worse than popping into this fabulous little store. This dress is from their own range, Moxia, and I adore it. It's really nicely made and neatly finished and for £35 I couldn't have made it any cheaper or better. You can't beat a good novelty print, either. I wore this out on Friday night, adding a petticoat and dancing shoes, to a fundraising event at Bath Place in Leamington. It was a brilliant night with good food, friends, music and dancing.

Anyway that's your lot for this evening. Nic and I are off to have dinner in the park. See you later in the week!