Monday, May 14, 2012

Pump Jockey! Works for tips! - Me Made May 2012 outfits 5 and 6

Yo YO, everyone! Has the sun come out where you all are? Is it making you feel fabulous? It hasn't been quite enough to warm these old bones, but it's hard not to smile when the sun is shining. Nic and I are just back from a lovely long weekend with his folks in Kent and, with the exception of getting caught in the rain on our way home through London, it was all fine and dry and happy.

I do have lots to tell you about the weekend but I don't want to cram it all into one blog post, so look out for a few more over the coming days! The fine weather forecast for the weekend made Me Made May a bit easier, so on Thursday morning I put on one of my very favourite handmade dresses, my first Sewaholic Lonsdale dress.

 Sewaholic Lonsdale dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa cherry Lady Dragon shoes

I'd just been caught in the rain when this photo was taken so the old hair is looking a bit crazy, there! I can't really say anything about this dress that I haven't before. Sewing it was lovely and wearing it is even better! And, I try not to play favourites with my shoes, but I do think the cherry shoes are actually my favourite ever pair. They look fabulous with everything, and were good for a day of travelling and wandering around. Plus, you know, they were reasonably practical in the rain. The sun was shining but it was still cold, so I topped this off with my lovely white cardigan:

This is a dress that I wear really often - which tells me I should make some more for the summer. I still haven't made the maxi-length version, so perhaps that's a summer sew that should be added to the list!

On Friday, Nic and I visited his grandparents and I wore my sixth me-made outfit, one of my pledge dresses, another Simplicity 2591...

Simplicity 2591 made from Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric and worn with a blue cardigan from H&M and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ultragirl shoes

Aw, I know. You can't really see the dress properly in that photo, but I do have more. I just love photos of the sea! This is the fourth 2591 I have made and as such, it feels sort of cheaty to count it in my pledge... but, eh, I still made it so whatever. It's a really lovely pattern to sew from, although the different variations make the pattern instructions a bit of a faff.

Hey, aren't my sunglasses neat? They came from local retro shop Braderie and although they're a wee bit eccentric I do love them! This is the second dress I've made with that lovely Michael Miller fabric and I can't honestly say I have the Eiffel Tower out of my system yet. I may be considering getting some of the black and white colourway. I'm a wee bit obsessive like that. It's so lovely to work with and it's a good weight fabric for this dress because it isn't overly drape-y and the bodice needs a bit of weight, I think.

Lovely as it was, the seafront proved not to be the best place to take photos so when we got to the village where Nic's grandparents live, we stopped for a few more. It was a bit less breezy there:

You can't really see it in this photo, but as with my Foux du Fa Fa Chantilly, I added some horsehair braid to the hem. I like the shape it gives to the skirt, and it makes the print more visible.

I think before I wear it again I'm going to add some topstitching to the neckline to keep the facing from rolling in the way that it is in this photo. Otherwise, I love this dress and can foresee it getting lots of wear this summer, sunshine or not.

Anyhoo, that's your lot for now, but I'll be back later in the week with some seaside tales.