Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can I put in journal I am very good cook of Full English Breakfast?

Evening all! This post is brought to you by a very tired wee face. This week is running my ass ragged. I can't quite believe it's only Wednesday. This week has been intense. Productive in some ways, and stressful and intense in others. And mad, too. When you start your working week with an email from a colleague describing, in detail, his stomach bug, you know it's going to be an interesting week. EEEEEWWWW.

Anyway, not much craic out of me except work. But I wanted to check in, mainly to share some photos from Sunday. After Nic and I dropped Clarabelle off at the station we went for a walk along the canal. We were just heading towards the glamorous destination of Lidl, but that stretch of the towpath is really very pretty indeed. Sunday was bright and cold, which is how I like (tolerate) autumn days.

 Sail Away Ceylon by Colette Patterns and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ultragirl pumps

Dudes obviously I put a coat on, too. But that's not that exciting so I take it off for photos. How gleamingly white am I in these photos, though! The Irish skin comes out in force in the dull weather.

Anyway as I have been sewing more frequently recently it has made me more mindful to show my other me-mades the love. This Ceylon dress remains one of my favourites - it's so comfortable and (I think, anyway) chic. I'm still dead proud of my piping! So this little post is just to show you how I live my me-made life.

 Getting cold now, time to put that coat on...

Well, short and sweet tonight. I'm ridiculously tired so I'm having a bath and going to bed. Oh and drinking some gin. It's been that kind of week.