Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In the shake of a tail, another year will be over, feels like it's just been the Spring and the Summer...

There's no escaping it now the clocks have gone back - the evenings are dark and winter is definitely on its way. Over the past few years, since I've been back in an office environment, I have really felt the effects of SAD. It's partly the artificial light and it's also at least partly the sudden proliferation of dark clothes everywhere! A few years ago I decided to try to fight against the winter blues by filling my winter wardrobe with bright colours, fun prints and fabulous fabrics:

A peep inside my wardrobe

This isn't foolproof and I still suffer from SAD. But it definitely does help. I think I brighten up the office for my colleagues, as well, particularly as they wear lots of corporate black and grey.

This is a fairly typical cold weather outfit for me - a bright structured dress and smart shoes!

So, while I have no shortage of colourful winter clothes, when the folks at Avenue 32 Clothing asked me to put together a winter brights outfit, how could I resist? This is purely fantasy shopping, but here's a daydream winter brights outfit:

This gorgeous blue floral frock from Calla is described as a cocktail dress, but I'd wear it out and about in the daytime anyway. I think that shape could take you anywhere. The bright blue in the print is uplifiting without being garish and the high neckline and sweet little sleeves are classic and elegant. I'd wear this with dove grey tights and a pair of classic black court shoes.

And, as this is a fantasy wardrobe, I'd top this whole look off with a bright coat - it's too sad to cover up your lovely bright outfit with a dark coat! I'd go for this flame orange wool coat by Giles Deacon:

You won't get lost in the fog in this little number!

This is just designer window-shopping, of course, but even daydreaming about winter outfits has made me feel better about the dull weather. Well, a little bit, anyway!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.