Monday, March 18, 2013

Well suit yourself, but my son Spiderman turned out just fine.

Hello! And now we're out the other side of another weekend, isn't that sad? I didn't manage to get ANY sewing done over the weekend apart from cutting out my next Elisalex dress, that is. It feels weird to have taken a weekend off my hobby, but it was good and it made me even more keen to get down to it this week. I'm terribly, pathetically excited about my next couple of sewing projects!

It was a really excellent weekend. I was working at home on Friday and I started the day in a real panic. I'm having an issue at work at the moment and I'm doing my best to get it resolved, but it is very stressful and work is making me really anxious as a result. Even though I was at home on Friday, the thought of work was making me sick with anxiety. A call from my lovely line manager helped make me feel better and I was able to get through the day, but I hate that this is happening and that I am feeling this way again. The big difference is that I'm really happy with my life outside of work, which is giving me the strength to get through my current situation, but I just wish it wasn't so hard.

All of that just makes it more important to enjoy the time when I'm not at work. When I finished for the day on Friday, Nic and I had a wonderful, relaxing evening. After going to the shop to buy tasty food and wine, I put henna in my hair, cooked dinner and we watched Jean Renoir's French Cancan. I've seen this film a few times but I never tire of it. The music is brilliant, the colours make it look like a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec, and Jean Gabin is just wonderful. It's also good as part of our pre-holiday Paris film festival.

On Saturday, we spent time cleaning the flat and grocery shopping, before putting the feet up for the afternoon. The weather was miserable, but luckily we missed the worst of it.

Saturday 16th March 2013
Limb Retro tea dress, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes and vintage handbag

I broke my shopping ban to buy this dress when I was in London last weekend. I don't even feel bad because it was a ridiculously good price and I love it. I couldn't make it for the price - the fabric alone would run me about £30. It's a little big so I had to make some adjustments, but I love it. Nic really loves it too, so of course that is a bonus!

Saturday 16th March 2013

You see what I'm saying though, about having a buttload of dresses with birds on? I know I like to work with a theme and all, but still. But you see why I bought this, yeah?

On Saturday night, we went to our friend Greg's house for a party. I took my Feckin Birds dress out for a spin, and I backcombed my hair as high as I could get it to go. I felt awesome:

We had an amazing night of drinking and dancing. The dress held up to me shaking my stuff on top of the furniture, and I'm proud of that. The night in general was pretty cathartic - I suppose something in me really needed to get drunk and dance all night.

This lovely photo of me and Nic was taken by my friend Hayles. This was before the dancing all kicked off. We took our tired selves home at dawn. It was cool and weird to see the streetlights switch off, but it was good to see the sun come up. My cousin said to me on instagram - "It's good to party til the cows come home, and then party with the cows." My cousin is awesome.

The weir at dawn

As I said, no sewing was accomplished yesterday. I only got out of bed to have a shower, put on clean pyjamas and watch Star Trek: First Contact. Having a hangover sucks, but that's the cost of doing business. And First Contact is a great hangover movie, just so you know.