Friday, April 05, 2013

I'm sorry, I can't help myself. That movie has warped my fragile little mind.

Hey! So, I'm pretty happy to have reached another weekend, but I've spent today feeling pretty rough. I've had a cold and sinusitis all week and it got the better of me today, so I have spent it in my pyjamas and mainly asleep. GOOD TIMES.

Anyway, I'm fine and I'm sure a day of enforced rest will make me feel better. I hope so, because I'm off to London tomorrow with Nic, as he is giving a talk at the National Jazz Archive and a wee day out in London is always fun. So I'm taking it extra easy today to be on the safe side.

Our last wee day out was last Saturday, when we went over to Birmingham to a screening at the Electric Cinema that was part of the Flatpack Festival. They were screening 1971 Doctor Who serial The Mind of Evil, which I had never seen before, and which has just been fully restored. It's been ages since I've been to Birmingham, in fact I think the last time was in November for Marie and Kat's meetup. That's pretty silly because it's the nearest big city to us, and home to the weird and wonderful Rag Market and the just plain wonderful Fancy Silk Stores.

The screening was starting at 1, so we took the train over early to have time for me to do some fabric shopping and have a look around Selfridges in the Bullring (an activity I used to love, but not so much these days) and for Nic to buy some comics in Nostalgia and Comics. I took the new dress I spent Good Friday sewing out on the road...

Saturday 30th March 2013
Come Sail Away dress - By Hand London Elisalex bodice with a gathered skirt, made with Michael Miller Ship Shape fabric

Pairing the bodice of Elisalex with a gathered skirt had to be done, and it seemed to me to be the perfect way to use this beautiful Michael Miller fabric I bought at earlier this year. The orange of this fabric is pretty bright - even more so than the picture suggests - but I still found it impossible to resist. I already have an orange dress with boats on it, if you can believe that...

Ruby Belle Photograph Beach dress

So, you know, this wasn't about filling a wardrobe gap. No, the opposite, my logic here was "If you wear one orange dress with boats on, I bet you'd wear another" so, yeah.

Nothing much to say about the construction of the dress, it was all lovely and smooth and fun to sew. I went for the shorter sleeves and I think they look a bit dorky, to be honest, but I like them all the same. After wearing the dress round Birmingham all day, I decided also to take it up a couple of inches so now it hits me just below the knee, which is much more flattering. I like dresses that are a wee bit longer, but something about this felt a bit too 80s Laura Ashley for my comfort.

Woman Laughing Alone With Steam Train

I did want to wear the dress with blue shoes, but all my pale blue shoes are open toed so instead I opted for Refreshers Chic. These pink Topshop shoes are so comfortable and cute, and I do like the clashing effect. Anyway, I think my next Elisalex modification will involve adding a circle skirt into the mix... I just need to find the perfect fabric!

We had a great day in Birmingham. I enjoyed acting the dick at beautiful Moor Street station to have these photos taken (many commuters understandably giving me side-eye) and I stocked up on haberdashery and a few bits of fabric in the market. The screening of Mind of Evil was excellent - The Electric is one of the oldest working cinemas in the country and it's really lovely, the serial itself was great (you can read a hilarious write-up of it at Wife in Space, but they saw it in black and white) and it was fun to see it in a room full of Doctor Who fans, and with many cups of coffee and a blanket (I brought the blanket with me. I always get cold in the cinema.)

Now it's time for me to do some more reading and napping. But I'll be back before long. Have a happy weekend, everyone!

PS, 'Come Sail Away', if you're wondering...