Monday, July 22, 2013

Dan's a fantastic man. I was talking to him earlier and he asked what kind of phone I had. I said a Motorola Timeport and he said "that's saaaaaad, you want to upgrade!" I said so do you, to a new face. He nearly soiled himself.

Hello loves! Monday has rolled around yet again, but I'm hoping I can put a bit of sweetness into your Monday with a little giveaway. The people from Appliances Online got in touch with me last week and gave me a £50 ASOS voucher to give away to one lucky reader. I know, it seems a bit random, but they said to me that their ethos is to make people happy, and that this might make people happy. So, that's pretty neat, right? Unfortunately, I can't enter my own giveaway, because I already have figured out how I'd spend that voucher - I'd put it towards this dress:

Sadly, I can't enter my own giveaway, but you can. All you need to do is leave me a comment, including your email address, telling me you'd like to win. You can have a bonus entry if you tweet about the giveaway, but you'll need to include me in the tweet (@dolly_clackett) and leave me an additional comment to say you've done so. The giveaway is open worldwide but the voucher is in sterling and will need to be spent in sterling. Someone from Applicances Online will get in touch with the winner via email to sort out the voucher. The giveaway is open until 9pm BST on Monday 29th July 2013.

So, that's the craic there. I hope everyone had a good weekend - I had a lovely, relaxing weekend.  Nic and I went to the park for a boozy picnic on Friday night with some friends, including Emily and Amy from Berylune. It was a wonderful way to round off the week and we ended up staying out very late and drinking a lot of cava. I wasn't hung over on Saturday but I was in the mood to do precisely nothing, so except for going out to get some food all I did all day was lounge around with Nic.

Saturday 20th July 2013
Saturday 20th July 2013 - Bettie Page 'Cheers' dress, red cardigan from Braderie and Topshop ruffle shoes, courtesy of Sarah

These lovely red Topshop shoes were one of the seven pairs Sarah gave me last weekend. Aren't they beautiful? Thank you, Sarah! 

Okay,  I'm off for this evening. I have a dress to finish and a bag of ice to cuddle. See you around the way!