Monday, February 29, 2016

One Leap Day when I was a kid, the Harlem River froze and I decided to cross it carrying my brick collection.

Hey everyone - happy Leap Day! I didn't spend it doing anything wild or crazy, sadly. I worked from home and I woke up with a cold, so this is coming to you from the depths of a blanket fortress on the sofa with ER on in the background. If real life can wait until March, I wish this fecking cold could have too.


Complaining aside, things are grand. We unexpectedly had my dad here visiting from Thursday night until yesterday afternoon, as he had work stuff to deal with in Manchester. It was great to see him but it was pretty intense family time and work is super intense at the moment too. Daddy woke up early on Saturday morning, cleaned the kitchen and decided that he wanted to build us shelves. So this is what he did and our kitchen has some new shelves, which is pretty cool. It meant a lot of Saturday was taken up with that and then Sunday was clearing up from all of the sawing of the wood that went on in my living room!

That's the craic there anyway. I'm already tired of coughing and I'm currently trying hard not to give into the temptation to buy a pair of shoes that are too expensive because it's payday, I'm sick and it's officially the first day of my new job today. Also I got paid overtime for working a Saturday in January...none of them good enough reasons, of course, which is why I am trying to resist! So instead of lurking online shoe shops I'm going to show you a new dress that I made recently. And, SURPRISE SURPRISE, it's another By Hand London Kim dress. Maybe there is a limit to how many times I can make and blog a variation on this, I don't know. But also, I don't care. Here is the dress:

Starboard dress - By Hand London Kim dress with a pleated skirt, worn with Office 'Love Me Tender' shoes

Oh, yeah, and it's more fabric with anchors on it. What can I say? It's spring (almost) and this always seems to call for nautical prints. Fuck it, this is me, I just can't turn them down regardless of what time of year it is.

The fabric is by Dear Stella and the range is called Seaworthy. I bought it from The Village Haberdashery on one of those days when I was having a tiring day and fabric shopping seemed to be the only way to deal with it. I bought 1.5m especially with this dress in mind and it was the perfect amount, along with half a metre of navy lawn to line the bodice.

It is obviously too cold to wear the dress like this - before you ask, Leamington does not have some freakishly warm climate - but, I was able to wear it before the cold snap really hit on a weekend in London. As I was going to be doing a lot of walking, I wore it with my red cowboy boots. Here's a slightly crappy mirror selfie to prove it:

The boots were more from necessity than style, but I think they look pretty cute with the dress so I might revisit this combination at some point! 

I wore this on Friday to go out for lunch with Nic, obviously paired with a red cardigan and a coat (guess which coat)

Cardigan is 'Paloma' from Hell Bunny

I'm honestly thrilled to bits with how this dress turned out. It's kind of a do-over of the Endeavour dress, which I made before I had Mrs C's tip for how to get the bodice to fit. I like this dress better anyway - that pale green was kind of hard to wear - and I'm really looking forward to wearing it more when the weather is warmer. If the weather ever gets warmer. COME ON WEATHER I HAVE SANDALS THAT NEED TO BE WORN. MANY MANY SANDALS.

This picture adds literally nothing to this post at this point but fuck it. It's Leap Day. Real life can wait for March, or something!

So yes. That's a little nautical Kim dress there which, by the way, I named Starboard on the suggestion of my friend Lauren because, according to her, "It's right on." I like your style, Lauren!

Now. I have had quite enough of sitting up for a little while. I have urgent lying-down that needs to be done. Bye now!