Sunday, July 26, 2009

Piss on my wife will you? No-one pisses on my wife!

I took a long break from my Myspace list-a-day blogging, for various reasons, and now I think it would feel a bit false to get back into it. Well, that is how I am feeling now, but maybe I will change my mind in future. I miss writing, though, so I'm going to try writing in prose, with paragraphs and everything, and not just about what I do every day.

I'm hoping to write an entry about New Tricks shortly. In fact, I had sort of intended to make this entry about it but can't seem to get my thoughts focused well enough to do that. Maybe I will have some inspiration after tonight's episode.

As the last time I wrote a blog was around a month ago I'm not sure where to start with the catch up... Nic and I had a very relaxing holiday in Sandgate, which is where his parents now live. When I came back to work my colleagues expressed sympathy that I had to spend my holiday in Kent but it was just what I wanted. The sun shone for most of the time, Sandgate is a very pretty village and it was good to spend time with Nic's parents and his brother Dom. Being at the sea was wonderful also, and it got me thinking about the possibility of learning to swim. Nic and I took a dip in the sea on one of the days - he was more adventurous than I was - and it would have been good to have been able to swim. I suspect, however, that it is one of those things that I think about doing but will never have the motivation to do. Going into the sea is one thing but I really have no desire to get into a swimming pool - yuck!

Work has been very dull, and I think it will be for the next few weeks as the schools are on holiday. Hopefully it will pick up a bit when the new director of Curriculum starts. After such a good start at work it would be a shame if the job just became one where I spend all day filling out Excel spreadsheets (boke)

I go through periods of feeling restless and I am at the moment, I keep searching for distractions and daydreams. It's good to have things to plan, and to read, and I am trying hard to stop my mind from wandering too far from work and home but sometimes it is hard. I suppose the changes that are happening in my friends' lives are making me think about my future, and what it is that I want out of life. I have been drifting a bit, which is no bad thing, but maybe it is time to think about life more clearly.

Or, if that fails, to distract myself by looking at dresses and shoes on the internet.

List of love
Patricia Highsmith - I've just finished The Talented Mr Ripley which was great fun, I'm getting started on its follow-up Ripley Underground
Early Doors
Getting a lift home from work, and the possibility of a more permanent lift so no more smelly cross-country train
Passive Aggressive Notes
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Alan Rickman
Solea shoes
My new cardigan - found :)

List of loathe
Still the stinking train. Boke. And the stinking office. Boke and choke.
The cold weather - I want to be in the pub garden, not huddled under a blanket on the sofa.
Rubbish sales. House of Fraser can bite me.